Bills get Mitchell Trubisky on a bargain-basement deal

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Mitchell Trubisky has a pair of playoff performances on his four-year NFL resume. It wasn’t enough to get him a chance to start in 2021. It also wasn’t enough to get him a significant contract as a backup.

Per a source with knowledge of the terms, Trubisky’s contract with the Bills is a one-year, $2.5 million deal. He gets a $500,000 signing bonus, and a base salary of $2 million, $1.5 million of which is fully guaranteed.

The contract includes up to $2 million in incentives for playing time, passer rating, completion percentage, touchdowns, and postseason playing time. Obviously, those things only will happen if starter Josh Allen is injured.

It’s unknown what Trubisky was offered elsewhere, if anything. The 49ers reportedly were interested. Regardless of the total list of teams, the financial terms of the final deal are surprisingly low for a player who was the second overall pick in the draft.

Four years ago, Trubisky received a $19.25 million signing bonus under a contract that paid out more than $29 million over four seasons. Despite taking the Bears to the postseason twice in three years, he’s now a long way from that kind of money, and he’ll need to find a way back onto the field in Buffalo or somewhere else before he can get back to that level.

23 responses to “Bills get Mitchell Trubisky on a bargain-basement deal

  1. This appears to be a Win/Win arrangement. The Bills get to improve their back-up QB roster. Trubisky gets to enjoy football again.

  2. Be nice to see Mitch play in a pro offense then evaluate him vs Nagy and his HS schemes and play calling.

  3. It’s odd. He played quite well for the Bears last year and took them to the playoffs. He seemed to be blossoming as a player. If you watch those games, he made some terrific throws. Arguably, the Bears would have done well to bring him back as their starter. Certainly great for the Bills, and maybe he needed a year to not have the pressure on his shoulders. But SF made a lot more sense because he was more likely to play, or one of the other teams with unstable QB situations (like, ironically, the Bears…)

  4. I would have liked to see the Browns sign him and be their backup while they’re evaluating Baker for his contract extension.

  5. Just did not have enough starts in college. Actually think he can benefit immensely sitting on the bench and learning. Best of luck

  6. Mitch Tribusky is exactly where he should be…a high-end serviceable backup that could come in and get you a few wins,in a pinch,when the starting QB goes down.

  7. All of I can think of when I hear about Trubisky is the Bears traded UP from 3 to 2 to get him when no one else wanted him, and with Mahomes and Watson still available.

  8. Maybe getting away from Nagy and a change of scenery will turn out to be just what he needs. Somewhere in him,there’s a decent QB that just needs some good coaching.

  9. He can’t beat good teams. His solid play is against some of the league’s worst defenses.

  10. This was always Mitch Trubisky’s biggest problem: confidence. He had to constantly be coddled and encouraged by Nagy and the coaching staff. Mitch even admitted to the press that Bears PR told him not to talk about a bad Packers loss in 2019. What kind of leader let’s PR control him like that?

    I think Mitch is nice and comfortable in a backup role where he has no pressure or chance to start. What kind of competitor takes this deal unless he’s content in being a backup? Pretty pathetic.

  11. People forget that Mitchell had really only played one full season of college football before he was drafted. He has lots of time ahead of him and a reset is probably the best for him this year to sit back and really study the game before getting another chance to start. Brain Daboll and Ken Dorsey should be good for him to work with

  12. He can’t continue to get paid for where he was drafted. And it’s a good question why he didn’t go somewhere where he had a chance to compete for starter. Maybe he chose Buffalo for the coaching. Another question considering everyone thinks Shanahan is some kind of Magic Man.
    Perhaps it came down to team culture and the lack of pressure & expectations.

  13. Hindsight being what it is, the Bears only whiffed on not taking Mahomes in that draft. I’m sure they’re watching everything unfolding in Houston right now thanking their lucky stars they dodged that bullet.

  14. His agent sucks! Why sign that deal to have your player ride the pine. His could have easily waited till a qb went down and a team was behind the 8 ball and gotten 10-12. Good for the bills, but a bad move for Mitch and his family. Only good for him will be if Allen goes down, which no one wants to see.

  15. He’s actually a pretty good QB I’ve seen him make the throws. Hopefully, a change in teams will help him to iprove without so much scrutiny on him. Good luck young man!

  16. He’s a so-so QB at best, but that makes for an excellent backup, at low backup money.

    I wonder if the Bills will try and work him into some plays, like Sean Peyton did with Taysom Hill and Drew Brees.

    And maybe Mitch continues to develop and improve.

  17. I think a change of scenery will do Mitch the world of good. Nagy never really gave him a fair shot trying to force a scheme which didn’t make the most of his skills. I wish him only the best of luck.

  18. Play his cards right and maybe he can run chase daniel playbook. Collect $3 million a year and 15 years later people are talking about the $70 million you earned as a backup.

  19. It’s really frustrating when you see your division rival has a better backup QB than you do a starter.

  20. Trubisky is a career backup, exactly where he belongs. It’s not a bad gig, really.

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