DeSean Jackson joins the Rams

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles
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Receiver DeSean Jackson has a new NFL home, in his hometown.

Jackson has agreed to terms with the Rams on a one-year deal. The team announced the move on Sunday night.

The 34-year-old Jackson was a second-round pick of the Eagles in 2008. He spent six seasons with the Eagles, three in Washington, two in Tampa, and two more in Philadelphia.

Jackson worked with Rams coach Sean McVay during Jackson’s time in Washington.

Jackson instantly gives the Rams a field-stretching deep threat for quarterback Matthew Stafford, one that will soften up the crossing routes and underneath areas where Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp function best. The biggest question with Jackson is age and health. He missed 11 games in 2020, and he missed 13 games in 2019.

If healthy, he’s a difference maker. Assuming the price is right, it’s a prudent risk for a Rams team that will be short on draft picks, thanks to its propensity to trade them away.

57 responses to “DeSean Jackson joins the Rams

  1. Difference maker? Healthy or not, he hasn’t been a difference maker in 4 years.

  2. That’s a good signing if he can stay healthy . Boy can he fly and I don’t think you can over throw him either.

  3. I predict he plays more games for the Rams this year than he played in 2 years in Philly.

  4. Seems like some of the teams he’s been with win the super bowl after he leaves, not while he’s there.

  5. Good luck DeSean. Wish it would’ve worked out in your second stint with the Eagles.

  6. Desean was terrific for the Eagles in the last two years- when he was healthy. Unfortunately, he was almost never healthy. It wasn’t his fault- legitimate injuries, the last one on a hit while he was down that took away half of last season. He certainly seemed like he had a lot left when he played. His last play for the Eagles was a bomb touchdown. His speed was still apparent. But the Eagles couldn’t keep paying him after he played only a handful of games in 2 years and they needed the cap space. Hopefully, his luck will be better in LA.

  7. Not sure if it’s a good team/ player deal or not, but glad for Jackson. He was a huge threat in his day. If he were to be able to play at that level again, as a Seahawks’ fan, I’d be afraid. He won’t & I’m not. Still; love that he gets to try & show he still has game.

  8. Desean is a difference maker when he is on the field. Unfortunately the past few years he hasn’t been on the field. Risky signing.

  9. yeah he sure can stretch the field…..when hes on it. still wish djax had never left philly for tampa….thanks chipper.

  10. DeSean Jackson stopped being good 5 years ago.

  11. There seems to be smoke and mirrors in play for the Rams. Why does a bright young HC let his GM sign aging stars who are a shell of themselves?

  12. This clown should only be paid on a per game basis – he hasn’t played a full season in years. He has lost a step if he plays more than one game per season. What a fraud.

  13. He’s a speedy burner. If he can stay healthy, he has potential to ball out. DB’s will focus on Woods and Kupp, which should allow him to take off and snatch some 50+ yard TD’s. Shoot, I might pick him up in fantasy football next season and stick him on the bench for those bye weeks.

  14. He still has elite speed and deep ball tracking ability. Problem is, he’s good for a few games a year, tops.

  15. I get the vibe Stafford is looking to do a bit of gunslinging. Will be good to see him make things happen. I don’t want to see a good QB not get a ring.

  16. Best of luck to djack & the Rams with this deal. If he’s healthy, you guys will love him BUT sadly, with age, it’s almost an inevitability he won’t be. If you guys can get 10 games out of him & he’s around for the playoffs, that’s a big win, he still has the wheels

  17. Solid receiving core: Woods, Kupp, Jefferson, and Jackson. Solid running back room: Akers and Henderson. Solid TE. Solid QB. Solid OL. Yikes.

  18. “IF” healthy is the key word. When healthy DJax has been the best deep threat in NFL history, he just cant stay healthy. But it’s a good pickup none the less. He meshes well with Kupp and woods and he has the best QB he’s ever played with throwing the ball.

  19. Meh. Keywords are “when healthy.” Anything over 200k per game and heavy on incentives is to much- and that’s only IF he plays.

  20. How ridiculous to think he’s going to be o the roster come September.
    His signing is simply a favor because of the history he has with the head coach. Hasn’t even played 10 games the last couple of years.
    As far as being “short on draft picks”, does it really matter when there’s going to be tons of UDFA’s available?

  21. Good for two TDs opening day then will disappear like a wisp of smoke.
    ” Oww My Hammy!!””
    Lucky to get 3 games out of him. Great young player, now, not so much….

  22. Hard to say if he’s got anything left in the tank when you look at injuries over the past two seasons. But when he’s in the game, at the very least he’s giving the defense something serious to think about.

  23. This is not a good signing. Jackson will miss more games due to injury this season than he plays in.

  24. It will be interesting to see which “soft tissue” injury DeSean will come down with the first few games of the season and inevitably miss a big chunk of games. Philly paid this guy millions to basically sit on injured reserve for 2 seasons.

  25. Yes, health is an issue but also he appears to be a head case which is why he doesn’t stay to long in one place. Will be interesting to see what develops!

  26. Hope this works out. I liked the idea of trying to keep Josh Reynolds and his 6’4 frame. Not sure he is as fast as DJack.

    Also Rams addressing a known speedy player that when on the field can immediately draw over the top coverage. Biggest word in the previous sentence is: When….

    Go Rams.

  27. His career will forever be defined by him scoring a TD and throwing the ball away early and then not scoring! Classic good times

  28. The paper tiger lands on another team. He’ll be good for 1 or 2 games before some malady lands him on IR – probably a pulled hammy!

  29. It really depends on how much the Rams pay DeSean Jackson. If it’s $4 million or less per year plus incentives, then it’s an OK deal. He will be the fourth wide receiver, and be used in suitable occasions to stretch the field. Maybe a bit of a gamble, but every signing is.

  30. Head-shaker. Too many times you check a really good NFL receiver’s stats and see three or four great mid-career seasons followed by sporadic production and very few games (GS) played per season in the final stretch of a career. It escapes me now, but wouldn’t it be great to a receiver like Jackson have a final season with great production? Been looking for that, for Jackson for awhile.
    In the words of a typical “movie” priest “I hope you gain the redemption you seek young man”. Fingers crossed- would love to see it, but it is up to him.

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