Isaiah Wilson clears waivers, becomes a free agent


The question wasn’t whether Isaiah Wilson would clear waivers. The question was now that he has cleared waivers whether the offensive tackle’s NFL career is finished after only four snaps.

Wilson, cut by the Dolphins on Saturday, cleared waivers Sunday and now is a free agent, Field Yates of ESPN reports.

The Titans selected Wilson in the first round of the 2020 draft, and he didn’t even last a full year in Tennessee. The Titans traded him to the Dolphins March 8 for a swap of seventh-round draft picks.

He didn’t even last two weeks in Miami.

The Dolphins moved on after he reportedly showed up late to take his physical, showed up late to a meeting with the team and didn’t show up for two different workouts at the team facility.

As a rookie with the Titans last year, Wilson played in just one game. He was suspended for violating team rules and was arrested for driving under the influence.

20 responses to “Isaiah Wilson clears waivers, becomes a free agent

  1. Some guys just need to go away and get on with the rest of their lives after football.

  2. This guy doesn’t seem to realize the opportunity that he squandered, twice. The sad part is that he doesn’t seem to care either.

  3. I’m not going to take the chance on him until he clearly demonstrates maturity, apologizes, then explains help he is accepting & undertaking to take positive steps to correct his many issues.

  4. Heard he is joining the Gordon/Manziel league….and it is being re-named … (place your own title here)

  5. Makes you wonder why/how the University of Georgia put up with Wilson for 3 seasons.

  6. Guarantee someone will give him another chance. Hopefully by then he can put his problems behind him .

  7. I usually try to give people the benefit of the doubt, maybe he had a really horrible childhood? or got whacked by AP in the you know whats and has been incredibly demented since, either way, he is doing it to himself- then again you see AB getting away with horrid behavior and still being allowed to play with a mere wrist slap, so yeah- role models, They’re Great (tony tiger voice)

  8. Hopefully, he takes a step back and gets the help that he obviously needs.

    Easy to pile on now, but he is still a young kid, and — in football or out, has a lot of life in front of him.

  9. Wow. As a first round pick I believe his rookie contract is fully guaranteed. It’s really a shame that the Titans can’t get out of it. I’ve never heard of anyone flaming out this quickly – and clearly by choice.

  10. NFL stands for Not For Losers. I hope this kid figures it out in some way shape or form.

  11. AFW says:

    Wow. As a first round pick I believe his rookie contract is fully guaranteed. It’s really a shame that the Titans can’t get out of it.
    I believe I read that his guarantees were voided when he was suspended by Tennessee. He probably got paid for last season but that might have been it.

  12. “He should revive his career playing for a SB ring with my team so long as he’s willing to take less money.”

    – Nearly Every PFT Commenter

  13. If a GM claimed Wilson’s contract on waivers, he would have been fired immediately. He is a first round talent, so you can be certain that more than a few savvy GMs are considering offering league minimum to see what he’s all about.

  14. How did he miss two workouts and be late for a meeting in the off-season? Wouldn’t that violate CBA?

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