Kenny Golladay: Daniel Jones and I will grow together

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New Giants wide receiver Kenny Golladay thinks he has a quarterback he can get better with, and win with, for years to come.

Golladay said Giants quarterback Daniel Jones recruited him to the team, and that Golladay is convinced the two of them will play well together.

“[Jones] is still kind of fresh in the league, a little bit,” Golladay said, via “I kinda wanna grow with him. I’m still growing as a player, and I feel like me and him can do some good things. We haven’t gotten on the practice field yet, but, me and him both are very excited.”

Golladay said Jones persuaded him that the Giants can be winners.

“We’re trying to do something great here, and that’s what I’m all about,” Jones told Golladay.

It’s been a while since the Giants were winners; their records over the last four years are 3-13, 5-11, 4-12 and 6-10. If they can’t get it done with the Jones-Golladay combination, bigger changes are surely coming.

30 responses to “Kenny Golladay: Daniel Jones and I will grow together

  1. So…the Giants lead Golladay to believe that somehow they still consider Jones their long term QB and Golladay signed there anyway?

    Dude I know it’s not Detroit, but ouch.

  2. As wtf fan I am laughing because this dude said Daniel jones persuaded him to come to the giants it was the money it was not jones because he is horrible if you like 4 yards routes then you will love jones lol wat a waiste of money this dude is injury prone

  3. The other names on that list that never lived up to their contract should have been caution to the Giants. With a deep WR class in the draft, the Giants may have been bidding against themselves.

  4. And here I thought Kenny signed because the Giants paid him the $18 million per season he wanted.

  5. For once I just want to hear a guy be honest and say “They paid me way more than anyone else so here I am.” instead of pretending Golladay signed w the Giants because Daniel Jones “persuaded” him.

  6. As a lifelong Giants fan, I hope DJ is the answer. But I’m about 95% confident he’s not. This is the last year to figure it all out.

  7. You need a good defense, too, so you don’t want to overspend on a wr. Even great wrs don’t change teams. Ask Megatron. A young QBs best friend is a shut down defense. But the Giants have a good QB, and that’s 90% of it right there. I love great wrs too, but with a salary cap, you have to spend wisely, even if your QB is still on his first contract. Sometimes a coach can feel pressured to force the ball to a big money wr. Then it actually becomes a negative.

  8. Golladay signed with the team that was willing to pay him the most $$$ period. Stafford was able to get him the ball even when he looked covered will Jones? Some very un Giant like moves the last few years by Gettleman, this one could cost him his job.

  9. Maybe Kenny Golladay will bring a roll of duct tape and tape the ball to Daniel Jones’ hands,so he can actually hold on to the ball. Daniel seems to lose the ball on a Carson Wentz type level of fumbling.

  10. You can spend all the money in the world on a WR. It could even be Megatron, but none of that matters if you have a subpar QB that can’t get him the ball. And that is exactly what the Giants have.

  11. Congrats to Kenny Golliday on getting his loot.

    Stafford was a risk taker and often threw balls to KG when he wasn’t necessarily open, many of those balls were straight up darts. I’m not sure Daniel Jones has the tomatoes to do that consistently once the INTs start to rack up and the pressure from the New York press cranks up but we’ll see.

  12. The Giants seem to be more concerned about winning the offseason rather then the Super Bowl . Golladay is a good receiver but the Giants are paying him like a great one . It makes no sense to sign a WR who needs his QB to be able to put the ball in small windows to succeed , something Jones hasn’t been able to do and by the looks of it probably never will . Upgrading their defense would have been the best way to help this team not overpaying for a WR when you have a QB who’s provided more questions then answers in his career which has led many to believe his days as a starter will be ending sooner rather then later .

  13. DJ has some issues but if he wasnt playing behind the 31st ranked o-line in football he would look a lot better. With an average o-line he is at least an average nfl qb. Not great but good enough. I think most of the DJ hate comes from people who dont watch the Giants actually play.

  14. Kenny Golladay: “Daniel Jones and I will grow together.” With the third pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the New York Jets take Justin Fields,…

  15. So he really thinks Jones is a better bet than Burrow? Yeah right, it was the money

  16. arwiv says:
    March 21, 2021 at 11:23 am
    DJ has some issues but if he wasnt playing behind the 31st ranked o-line in football he would look a lot better. With an average o-line he is at least an average nfl qb. Not great but good enough. I think most of the DJ hate comes from people who dont watch the Giants actually play.
    Have seen him play enough to know the OL issues don’t explain away the misreads in coverage and the below average accuracy that has yet to improve . At this point in his career he’s not proven to be a QB that you can build around . His play better improve this year or he will be known as the former starting QB for the Giants .

  17. If the Giants line is as bad as it was last year DJ will have another lousy year. No rocket science necessary. Other than Mahomes and Rodgers Id like to know of one starting QB who would have had impressive stats playing behind that line last year. Like I said, DJ should be an AVERAGE qb at least. I dont think he’s ever going to crack top 10 even with a good o-line.

  18. I think someone said this yesterday, there shouldn’t be too much concern about the Joes to Golladay connection, as the Giants only need 8 wins the NFCE.

  19. doctorrumack says:
    March 21, 2021 at 12:36 pm
    So he really thinks Jones is a better bet than Burrow? Yeah right, it was the money

    Was the money important? Sure it was. However, it is no secret in league circles that the Bengals are a pathetic franchise to play for. They have awful facilities, they don’t pay well, & they play in Cincinnati, Ohio. So you tell me honestly, would rather A) Play for a team that has a unproven QB, but is willing to pay you more money, plays in NY, in an iconic franchise that has won 4 super bowls or B)Has a QB that played well for 10 games, take less money, go to a franchise that has won ZERO super bowls, plays its games in Cincy, and has the worst facilities in the league. If Kenny plays well the endorsements alone will make him even more money than his contract for Cincy would pay him. He saw the push OBJ got from being a star in a big market yet AJ Green never got 1 endorsement deal. In 2018 AJ made 500,000 in endorsements. In 2018 OBJ made 8 MILLION. Sorry but until the Bengals start upping their game financially and upgrading their facilities they will lose out to a team like the Giants every time.

  20. Jones and he grow together ?
    Not nearly as much as he could have grown with Burrow .

  21. I’ve watched Jones play at least 10 full games. He was running for his life, had a mediocre receiving corps, and without Barkley, no running game.
    I’m no Giants fan, but name a rookie QB with no team around him who succeeded in his first 3 years. I’m a Raider fan. I just hope we’re on the rise with our new DC and FA signings.

  22. Giants will win division with a healthy Barkley this year. The draft sounds like it will be all De . We should land a shut down corner or top pass rusher or penn st linebacker. We are in great shape.

  23. DJ is one of the top running quarterbacks, probably top 5 in the NFL. The two issues are his pass protection (not his fault) and his reading and processing coverages. This should be the year when all that kicks in at a higher level. It’ll be nice to know he can throw in Golladay’s or Rudolph’s direction and expect his guy will come down with it, particularly in the red zone. The division while not easy pickin’s is there for the taking for the swamp creatures from near exit 16w.

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