Thirteen lawsuits have been filed against Deshaun Watson

Houston Texans v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Monday has brought a slew of new lawsuits accusing Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct.

The number stood at seven when the day began, but, per multiple reports, has risen to 13 cases on Friday afternoon. Houston lawyer Tony Buzbee said last week that he had 12 clients ready to proceed with suits and that he’d spoken to 10 other women with similar accounts about Watson’s alleged misconduct while receiving massages.

Monday’s filings included an allegation of misconduct from this month and the others are all from the last year.

Watson has denied the accusations and his attorney called them “meritless” while saying further response would come this week. The NFL has opened an investigation into the allegations against Watson.

46 responses to “Thirteen lawsuits have been filed against Deshaun Watson

  1. Whatever happens, this is the strangest story of the offseason.

    Either Watson isn’t how he portrays himself (and, admittedly, hiring masseuses on instagram is weird) or the conspiracy theorists will be proven correct and fall even further into madness.

  2. I said this earlier today but it is officially time to get law enforcement involved to sort this all out. If Watson is truly innocent then he should welcome a police investigation because it does not look like the numbers are slowing down anytime soon.

  3. This is the strangest one yet. She had never done a massage before but thought nothing of it and did it in her home.

  4. These are just allegations. However, could these pending claims be the real reason Watson started pushing so hard to get out of Houston? It never made sense that a guy who was so excited to sign a mega deal could want out so bad so quickly over the inability to participate in a coach search.

  5. If this turns out to be a pure money grab with no merit, he should sue every stinking one of them civilly into bankruptcy.

  6. The way this is being spoon fed out it looks like total BS that started as a failed money grab. Or we have Kellen Winslow 3

  7. If anybody posting here had 13 accusations of assault levied against us, we’d be in bracelets, full stop. Why aren’t the police involved here?

  8. Where were these 13 people when these so called incidents took place??? I hope in “discovery” several men come forward and say that they were offered additional services from these same women.
    There may be SOME merit and truth to all this but this entire things smells like a complete money grab!!!

  9. All 13 being in 2021 or 2020 makes me wonder how many more victims this predator has.

  10. ktoast says:
    March 22, 2021 at 4:39 pm
    If anybody posting here had 13 accusations of assault levied against us, we’d be in bracelets, full stop. Why aren’t the police involved here?


    What part of no criminal charges filed do you not understand?

  11. I think 13 (so far) allegations warrants police involvement. This is just getting more bizarre by the hour.

  12. What I always hated about these things is how does someone prove their innocence? How do you prove that you did not touch someone? Even if the charges are dropped, you’re always going to have that cloud of suspicion around you and let’s face it…. being guilty in the court of public opinion is a big deal.

  13. Has there ever been one case where multiple women have been proven to be lying when accusing a man of sexual assault? One vs. one is much different than several women making an accusation. The numbers are not in his favor.

  14. I think 13 (so far) allegations warrants police involvement. This is just getting more bizarre by the hour. If it’s all true,he can forget playing football ever again. What a waste. As I said,IF…

  15. If someone accuses a person of sexual assault and is lying, but does it through a lawyer, they are protected.

    But if those same women file false police reports, they can go to prison.

    So why haven’t ANY of the women filed even one police report?

  16. It is very strange that Watson was begging yo get out of Texas right before these allegations began. Very strange indeed.

  17. At this point if I were Watson I would be begging for police involvement. This is either the largest and most flamboyant case of extortion in history, or an ambulance chasing lawyer is making mountains of molehills. If he is actually guilty of sexual assault in 13 cases (or even half of them), he’ll be in prison for 40 years or more. In any case, DW would be wise to welcome an investigation by someone who doesn’t have the incentive to harm him like the plaintiffs’ attorneys do.

  18. Watson thought he was smart and wealthy enough to play games with the Texans owner.

  19. If Watson never demanded a trade and wanted to be a Texan for life, not a single suit would have been filed. We would never know about this. We would still have never have heard of Tony Buzbee. But we would still have heard of Jack Easterby.

  20. A lot of people on here saying Watson should want the police involved in this, but IF he actually is guilty, isn’t police involvement the last thing he would want?

  21. If it were one person I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. When you multiply that number by twenty-two, I give the benefit of the doubt no longer.

  22. Blood in the water attracting a feeding frenzy. Kinda makes me glad I’m not rich and famous.

  23. I can’t speak to the merit of each case because I don’t know the truth or details.

    But if I were as rich and famous as Deshaun Watson, I’d be pretty damn particular about things like hiring a massage therapist and certainly wouldn’t be doing so by text with random women on social media.

    The fact that he did so doesn’t look good for Watson. Not at all.

  24. Someone said it could get as high as 25! YIKES! Watson would most likely be put on the Commissioner’s Exempt “no play” List. Still get paid.
    With all these cases it will take months for the NFL to investigate each accusation!

  25. I have a unique perspective on why the massage therapists alleging sexual assault by Watson might not go to the police or report this type of behavior to their workplace.

    I was engaged a few years ago to a licensed massage therapist who provided non sexual outcall massage (at a client’s location, often a hotel or resort setting) to primarily celebrity clientele. Even though she was clear in her advertising and conservative in her appearance and dress, she would occasionally be propositioned in session in similar ways as alleged by the massage therapists that worked with Watson.

    Most of her clients were wonderful and appreciative of her work but there were a few that attempted to use their celebrity to suggest future work i.e., “I”ll recommended you to my teammates” or “I”ll give you a small speaking part in my next movie”, or a large $$$ tip, if the session should turn into something more than just a legitimate massage.

    When this happened to my fiancé, she would politely refuse and end the session if the client persisted in his offer or exposed himself, etc. Regardless, she would not return calls from that person looking for additional sessions and would never work with that client again. She knew if she went to the police, or lodged a complaint with the hotel or resort, her reputation and career would be over. The business and reputation of the hotel and maintaining the discretion of the client is more important than my fiancé’s career. It was sickening to observe that women providing legitimate massage are seen as disposable by their clients and workplace. It sucks, but that’s the reality facing most female massage therapists in that situation.

    Perhaps not unexpectedly, she had colleagues that advertised and performed legitimate massage who would not necessarily refuse more money or opportunities to expand their high end clientele list if the right situation afforded itself. I wouldn’t be surprised if some high status guys don’t think it’s a big deal to proposition a massage therapist; and it they refuse, no big deal, and they move on to the next massage therapist that responds to their inquiry for bodywork.

    That said, most legitimate massage therapists I know don’t advertise their profession on Instagram.

  26. Is it true that the lawyer (by all accounts an excellent lawyer and former Recon Officer) is a neighbor of the Texan’s ownership?

  27. What is he accused of exactly? Requests for services falling outside the scope of professional massage therapy? Or actual physical assault?

    If it’s the former, what does the law say regarding the issuing of requests? Is this tantamount to solicitation of prostitution? And were these women sufficiently harmed in the eyes of the law by being subjected to said request?

  28. No police reports among 13 victims seems very odd. How many (if any) of the victims have police records?

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