Deshaun Watson facing 12th lawsuit

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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In a press conference last week, lawyer Tony Buzbee said he represents 12 women who would be filing lawsuits against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson for sexual misconduct.

All 12 of those lawsuits have now been filed. Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle brought word of the latest suit, which was the fifth to be filed against Watson on Monday.

One of the lawsuits filed earlier in the day alleges that Watson engaged in misconduct earlier this month. Buzbee said last Friday that he has spoken to 10 other women who have recounted similar episodes involving Watson.

Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin called the allegations “meritless” last week and said that the quarterback would have a response this week.

25 responses to “Deshaun Watson facing 12th lawsuit

  1. For Deshaun Watson’s next team….I guess it depends guilty/innocent on how many games Roger Goodell’s NFL kangaroo court will suspend him for this upcoming season.

  2. Okay it is officially time to get the police involved & get this all sorted out. If I am Watson & innocent then I would welcome the police at this point.

  3. Bet the Texans regret not making a trade. Of course, the new team would probably demand the trade be rescinded since if we use the Zeke Elliot precedent, Watson is looking at the Exempt List for at least a season.

  4. All the same lawyer bringing them and ZERO filing criminal complaints. Odd. I wonder why that is.

  5. This is crazy. If this all turns out to be true,he sure had a lot of us believing that he was a stand-up guy. Truthfully,Watson is the LAST guy in the NFL that I would expect these allegations to be about.

  6. Watson has as many lawsuits as the number of losses for the Texans last season…so far…

  7. It is normal for football players to need therapeutic/deep tissue massages. They either use someone from their team or hire one professional that they work with long term. Dealing with multiple massage ‘therapist’ (12!!!) is not normal at all. Another successful young man that will likely lose a lot because of his deviant behavior.

  8. Of course Rusty Hardin is going to say that the claims are “meritless.” What else would you expect him to say?

  9. The truth is always in the middle. He could’ve been a little grabby, they could be a little greedy. It’s terrible his name has to be sullied before we see the evidence.

  10. There’s a lot of smoke to this for it not to be a fire. I hope it’s not true because I always liked the kid, but this is bad…

  11. bondlake says:
    March 22, 2021 at 2:47 pm
    Of course Rusty Hardin is going to say that the claims are “meritless.” What else would you expect him to say?


    He’s the same lawyer who claimed that Roger Clemens never used PEDs.

  12. Even is he’s totally innocent having 12 or 20 different massage therapists in a short period of time is a little freaky

  13. Maybe with all he has in common with Robert Kraft, the Patriots are in his future.

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