DeVonta Smith says he weighs 170 pounds, won’t do drills at Pro Day

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Former Alabama wide receiver DeVonta Smith declined to be weighed or measured while at the Senior Bowl and said that would have to wait until the school’s Pro Day.

That comes on Tuesday, but Smith let the cat out of the bag on his weight during a press conference on Monday. He said, via multiple reporters, that he’s been weighing in at the “same thing I’ve been weighing” before saying that he weighs 170 pounds.

He was listed at 175 pounds by the school last season and that difference shouldn’t be worth much to any team that put a high grade into Smith’s on-field work while with the Crimson Tide. He’s smaller than other wideouts, but his production speaks for itself.

That production will also have to suffice on the scouting front. Smith did not play in the Senior Bowl after hurting his finger in the national title game and said on Monday that he won’t be doing drills at the Pro Day workout.

14 responses to “DeVonta Smith says he weighs 170 pounds, won’t do drills at Pro Day

  1. Running deep posts and patterns outside the numbers will be the safest option at the next level.

  2. Sheesh, at 175 was already deemed very small. Think an NFL-caliber safety at 210 won’t be going for that sideline kill-shot early & often? Can’t wait for some team to blow a top-15 pick on him only to have him grace their IR for a few years.

  3. His play as a collegian makes for no clear projection as to what he’ll do over the course of an NFL season or career at 170 pounds. A hurt finger kept him out of the Senior Bowl and he doesn’t want to be tested (not sure what that means exactly). Not clear from this report the guy is a gamer on whom a team should invest a high pick.

  4. Good for him, don’t let them parade you around like a clown. You’re a Housman winning WR, with tons of game tape. Seeing how tall or how much you weigh to a scout is sorta moot at this point. Using ones own eyeballs we can tell he doesn’t look like DK Metcalf, will measuring him and weighing really sway your vote on drafting him? If so, you were skeptical before any weigh in so just go onto your other top choice if that’s the case

  5. He isnt going to last long playing at that weight

    He’s 22 years old and about to embark on a pro NFL training regimen and diet. So that’s probably why he’s not really worried about.

  6. If teams let his weight affect their judgment, they need to find a GM. Guy can play and there’s a solid history of guys within 5-10 pounds of his weight lasting in the league. Emmanuel Sanders, Ted Ginn, Antonio Brown, Will Fuller, Travis Benjamin, Robby Anderson, etc. are all 175-180. Some people act like he weighs 140.

  7. kayes says:
    March 22, 2021 at 12:40 pm
    He isnt going to last long playing at that weight.

    Why not? Desean Jackson has. Gone are the days of Mel Blount or Night Train Lane decapitating WRs at the line of scrimmage.

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