Frank Reich: Carson Wentz’s 2019 film confirmed to me he still has it

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When rumors began to circulate that the Eagles could trade quarterback Carson Wentz, the Colts were always considered the natural landing spot because of Wentz’s relationship with head coach Frank Reich.

Before the deal went down, Reich reviewed Wentz’s tape to see what went so wrong for the quarterback in 2020. And while Reich served as Philadelphia’s offensive coordinator for the QB’s first two seasons, what convinced the head coach that Wentz can round back into form were some more recent performances.

“All you had to do, for me, was turn on the film in 2019, and with four games to go the Eagles needed to win out,” Reich told Albert Breer of “And not only did they need to win out, but in each of those games, as I recall, looking at the film, Carson had to play great in the second half, and play a major role in that team winning those games in the second half.

“Now, they were team wins, they were team efforts, it wasn’t a one-man show. But Carson made the plays that a quarterback needs to make when you need to win four games in a row to make the playoffs. He did that, and that wasn’t 2017. That was 2019. So in my mind, that just confirmed to me this guy still has it.”

Reich went on to say that Wentz can do a better job of playing in rhythm, getting rid of the ball instead of trying to make something out of nothing. But the head coach also said that Wentz’s protection last year was not as good as it was in 2017, which required him to do more with less.

“But it’s not all Carson’s fault either,” Reich said. “It’s everybody’s fault.”

Still, Wentz was the most-sacked quarterback in football in 2020, being taken down 50 times. Houston’s Deshaun Watson was second at 49 sacks — but he played four more games than Wentz.

Wentz has plenty to prove as he begins his Colts tenure. But he’ll at least be with a head coach who believes he can turn things around.

16 responses to “Frank Reich: Carson Wentz’s 2019 film confirmed to me he still has it

  1. Can’t wait til they figure out he can’t read defenses especially after his first read is taken away. Carson has a bad habit of poor anticipation leading to really bad mistakes.

  2. nhpats2011 says:
    March 22, 2021 at 9:24 am
    Still has it? When did this guy ever have it?


    I don’t know if he has it now, but he certainly had it when he won 11 games in 2017 before handing the reigns to Foles, who beat your Pats.

  3. I don’t get all the Carson hate. He will thrive in Indy. Frank is a good coach. 2 years from now this will be looked on as the worst trade made in the history of the Eagles.

  4. Seems like I remember reading comments that Rivers was washed up around this time last year. Maybe Frank knows what he is doing.

  5. Reich is more qualified than anyone to see what Wentz can do, and he thinks he can still play at a high level.

  6. Expect Wentz to have a good year in Indy. Reich is correct in his assessment. Wentz was near elite in the second half of 2019. Sure, he’s not a guy who does well in off schedule situations, but give him even decent pass protection and he can rip apart defenses. Great pickup by Indy.

  7. I would expect the reunion of Reich and Wentz in Indy to go well. Wentz played his best ball when working with Frank Reich. There’s really no reason to believe they won’t be successful again.The Colts were a solid team. They should be even better with Wentz.

  8. That’s what I have been trying to tell my fellow Eagles fans who seem to suffer from mass amnesia: Wentz played great in 2019! First QB in Eagles history to throw for 4,000 yards. First QB in NFL history to do so without having a receiver top 500 yards. 63 percent completion percentage. 27 TDs to just 7 ints. How do you look at that and conclude he was mediocre or terrible?

  9. What he CAN DO on field are not the issue.

    His arrogance and entitlement are. With humility he’d learn from his mistakes but with hubris he cannot as he doesn’t take responsibility.

  10. Film study wont tell Frank what he needs to know about Carson. Just watch his recent interviews. Wentz doesnt have what is most important to be an NFL quarterback: mental toughness. He is fragile. When the going gets tough, Wentz quits.

  11. He got his money, and became a different guy. Rules (coach’s suggestions, plays, etc.) did not apply to him anymore. Embarrassment to his generation.

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