Kenyan Drake: Jon Gruden showed the most interest in me being a playmaker

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After playing under the transition tag in 2020, Kenyan Drake made his first foray into free agency last week and came away with a two-year, $14.5 million contract with the Raiders.

That’s a solid deal for a running back, especially one who is ostensibly coming in to serve as a backup for Josh Jacobs. But according to Drake himself, head coach Jon Gruden has bigger plans for him.

“Coach Gruden was just head and shoulders above everybody in terms of interest in my ability to kind of come in and be a playmaker in a lot of facets of the game,” Drake said in his introductory press conference, via the team website. “What coach Gruden said [about] how he was going to use me was just being on the field in a multitude of ways, playing receiver, playing running back. Just having the ability to kind of use my versatility as a weapon in the open field is something that really spoke to me. And to kind of share that role with Josh and him being obviously such a capable back, I feel like it spells success for this team.”

Drake noted being a starter wasn’t a high priority for him, and he thinks he’ll build a strong partnership with Jacobs.

Drake rushed for 955 yards and 10 touchdowns in 15 games for Arizona last year, also making 25 receptions for 137 yards.

He did catch at least 50 passes in consecutive years from 2018-2019 with the Dolphins and Cardinals, displaying his versatility.

6 responses to “Kenyan Drake: Jon Gruden showed the most interest in me being a playmaker

  1. Raiders fans won’t admit it…but Jon Gruden is doing to the Raiders exactly what he did to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tony Dungy left Jon with a ready-made super bowl caliber football team,won the super bowl with Tony’s draft picks/players,then it is was slow sad descent into mediocrity the next 6 seasons.

  2. Gruden will utilize Drake and Jacobs like Garner-Wheatley what a great move! As for the offensive line, it’s been revamped to the better, so all you haters can stop the nonsense!

  3. They made a mistake drafting Jacobs over Miles Sanders. All Jacobs will ever be is a solid player. He’ll be like Mark Ingram who was good but never great. You can always find RBs like that late in the draft and as free agents. Sanders is a guy with elite physical traits who can deliver big plays. That’s the kind of back you draft with a high pick, not a workhorse. Now they are signing Drake because they see they need more of a playmaker than Jacobs.

    On a side note, this is awful for fantasy football. Pretty much just destroyed the value of both Jacobs and Drake

  4. So, no other team thought you were a “play maker”? Or, no one but the Raiders were willing to pay you,

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