Lawsuit total against Deshaun Watson reaches 11

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Lawyer Tony Buzbee has said 12 clients will sue Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. Via Sarah Barshop of, the official number has reached 11.

All of the civil complaints flow from alleged misconduct during message sessions. One of the newest lawsuits centers on an incident that allegedly happened in March 2021.

At Friday’s press conference, Buzbee said that the alleged misconduct continued even after Watson’s representatives were made aware of the first of the allegations.

Buzbee has 12 current clients, and he said he has spoken to more than 10 other potential plaintiffs. He has vowed to seek a grand jury to consider criminal charges against Watson.

The league continues to monitor and to investigate the situation. At some point, Watson could be disciplined under the Personal Conduct Policy. Before that, he could (in theory) be placed on paid leave pending the outcome of all litigation and potential prosecutions.

21 responses to “Lawsuit total against Deshaun Watson reaches 11

  1. Amazing how none of these women went to the police it instead all went to the same lawyer who lives in the same neighborhood as the Texans owner…..

  2. You want to give Watson his presumption of innocence, but it doesn’t look good. 1 or 2 people, I can see making up stories, but 12?

  3. With the 67th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft the Texans select Kellen Mond. QB, for Texas A&M!

  4. Cue the fools stating that this is just a set up by the Texans or just a cash grab by the women as if that means you just dismiss any evidence the women may provide.

    I was skeptical at first too but with this many women coming forward it can’t be dismissed. Can somebody tell me a legitimate reason why Watson would use so many different masseuses?

    The NFL has foolishly backed themselves into a corner now because Goodell wanted to look like a tough guy “protecting the shield”. It used to be simple. NFL would wait for the legal process and then suspend based on that. Now Goodell punishes even when there are no charges or even if an investigation shows no wrongdoing.

    Players can only blame themselves for allowing Goodell this unchecked power in the CBA.

  5. The Houston police and the NFL need to come out with a statement soon other than saying that the matter is under investigation. Watson is tarnished in the best case and doing time in the worst case.

  6. Not sure what to think about this. That many would seem to suggest there could be something, but it is curious how no one has ever gone to the police and it all came out after he said he won’t play for them again.

  7. Could this be retaliation against Watson by someone in the NFL? Just throwing that out there. Obviously if he did what they are saying he has done, that is terrible and unacceptable behavior. Just the timing makes me wonder.

  8. Maybe some of these ladies did talk with the police, but there wasn’t enough evidence to open a case.

  9. Whether you believe Watson is innocent or not, the timing of these allegations is 1000% sus.

  10. meant to say There can be police reports WITHOUT a “case” eventually being opened

  11. This is starting to resemble a class action lawsuit the way they keep piling up. I don’t know the details of any of these outside of some weird Instagram messages, but seems like anyone Watson even may have whistled at is coming out of the woodwork.

  12. Given that not one of the women has filed a police report,this looks like a cash grab by Buzbee

  13. To all of you people ready to convict with ZERO evidence; doesn’t it bother you that there is one victim who was allegedly assaulted 2 times between June and Aug 2020? Why why would she go back to a client a 2nd time if they assaulted them the 1st time? That makes ZERO sense to me and I find it very disheartening that so many internet prosecutors are passing a sentence before even hearing the details of the case..

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