Report: Russell Wilson still wants Antonio Brown in Seattle

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The question of whether and to what extent the Seahawks will listen to quarterback Russell Wilson when it comes to personnel matters is about to be put to the test.

Last week, long-time NFL insider and Seattle resident John Clayton said on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh that Wilson is still lobbying the team to sign receiver Antonio Brown.

Wilson has tried in the past to get Brown in Seattle. Last year, however, Brown landed in Tampa Bay. The Seahawks did their due diligence on Brown but decided not to pursue him.

This year, Brown remains a free agent. With a Super Bowl ring, a cap crunch, and a crowded depth chart in Tampa, maybe Brown is looking elsewhere for a bigger role and/or more money.

Of course, the Seahawks already have multiple quality receivers, including DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. But that doesn’t matter; Wilson wants him. Whether the Seahawks pursue and land him will go a long way toward proving whether the Seahawks are willing to listen to Wilson’s player preferences.

13 responses to “Report: Russell Wilson still wants Antonio Brown in Seattle

  1. If RW allows the Hawks to rework his salary – they can get Brown AND another O-lineman or pass rusher.

  2. Russell Wilson the GM does not know what’s best for Russell Wilson the player.

  3. Here we go again. The NFL is slowly turning into the NBA,where players think they are also GMs. Russell,it’s a BAD idea. Eventually Brown will poison the locker room. Do you want to babysit him like Brady does?

  4. That sounds like the perfect thing for the Seattle locker room, an extra dash of drama and disfunction.

  5. With all due respect. Russell Wilson won’t be able to keep his foot on AB’s neck in Seattle, the same way Brady did in Tampa. If this comes off? It’ll get real ugly, real fast! Don’t go there!!

  6. Well, just sign him, Russ – aren’t you in charge of talent acquisition and contract negotiations?

  7. Russell Wilson apparently doesn’t care about offensive line depth, contrary to his claim of wanting better protection. Russell Wilson needs to make a public statement clarifying this apparent hypocrisy, double speak, or duplicity. I’m starting to lose respect for his management style, which reflects how he manages the game on the field.

    If you don’t have good pass protection, then it doesn’t matter how good your receivers are. It’s all about a BLOCK FIRST offensive strategy, that requires personnel DEPTH. Seahawks lost 4 games after their offensive linemen got injured.

    Antonia Brown = Percy Harvin all over again. How quickly people forget the past.

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