Rob Gronkowski says he talked to Bills and a couple of other teams

Super Bowl LV
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Rob Gronkowski had other interest early in free agency, but he decided to stick with the Buccaneers for a second season.

Meeting with reporters (via videoconference) upon the formal announcement of his return, Gronkowski was asked whether he did indeed speak with the Buffalo Bills.

“There was a little extent to that,” Gronkowski said. “I mean, I was a free agent, so as a free agent, you’re allowed to talk to other teams. There was a couple of other teams, also.

“But just overall I wanted to be back with the Buccaneers organization. Just the setup here is just unbelievable. Just the chemistry that I’ve built over the last season is just fantastic.

“So just overall I wanted to come back to the Buccaneers. But, you know, it’s football, you never know how things are gonna play out. So it’s just good to listen to what else is out there, and there was something to a little extent. . . . I knew I wanted to be here.”

Gronkowski explained that he took a one-year deal because that’s how he wants to proceed with his career at this point. He also said that his body feels good, and that he could play a whole season right now, if he needed to.

Gronk also talked about the celebration after winning a Super Bowl. He explained that, in his 20s, the celebration would continue “probably for like a month or two, I wouldn’t even know what’s going on in the world.”

That comment raises an important question: Does he ever know?