Sammy Watkins to visit the Colts

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Sammy Watkins‘ dance card is filling up.

Watkins, the free agent wide receiver who will visit the Ravens on Tuesday, will then head to Indianapolis to visit the Colts, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Although Watkins has undeniable talent, he has never put it all together the way he was expected to when he was the No. 4 overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft. Last season he had a career-low 421 receiving yards.

Watkins spent his first three seasons with the Bills, one season with the Rams and then the last three seasons with the Chiefs. He’s still just 27 years old and likely has some good years left in him, even if he hasn’t blossomed into the kind of player he was once expected to be.

Other teams reportedly interested in Watkins include the Titans and Texans.

14 responses to “Sammy Watkins to visit the Colts

  1. Watkins is good and “playoff Sammy” will be fondly remember forever in KC but he was “nowhere to be found Sammy” this year and that is what you truly get with him.

  2. Why would any WR want to play for Baltimore? I’m mean nice team, great defense every year but, until Lamar learns hes a QB not a RB and learns to scramble to give the WRs more time to get open instead one read and run, WRs in that scheme wonr get their stats for that big payday ie JuJu Smith

  3. Same boat as D Jackson.

    I give these guys credit for the long haul, but the can’t expect too many millions.

  4. Then all the Colts would need is a QB.

  5. Sammy should go back to Buffalo where he began. There is a real qb there now and he can realize his potential.

  6. The comment about Lamar being “one read and run” has been debunked multiple times. Sure the Ravens are a run heavy offense. They are making it work. I think phillyPhan should worry about the dumpster fire that is the Eagles.

  7. Coming out of Clemson, Sammy Watkins looked like the real deal. Injuries have unfortunately stalled and hampered his development. He would be a good addition to the Ravens on a performance heavy contract. The ceiling is high, but his availability is 50/50. So, the Ravens can’t afford to whiff on a player in free agency. He’s got to suit up for games and earn his keep. And of course hit the incentives.

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