Two more lawsuits have been filed against Deshaun Watson, running the total to nine

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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Six days ago, no lawsuits had been filed against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson alleging misconduct during massage sessions. The number has reached nine.

Via Aaron Reiss of, two more lawsuits against Watson have been filed. Seven were filed last week.

On Friday, lawyer Tony Buzbee said at a press conference that 12 total lawsuits will be filed, and that he is speaking to at least 10 more potential plaintiffs.

Buzbee has insisted that the lawsuits aren’t about the money, focusing on the notion that the lawsuits seek the “jurisdictional minimum” of $500. But this doesn’t mean Buzbee wants only the minimum amount of $500 per client; a demand for $500 is the minimum amount required to get the case in court. It’s not a limitation on the amount of money that ultimately may change hands via settlement or verdict.

Every lawsuit filed against Watson by Buzbee has a claim for damages, including claims for (based on the first lawsuit filed last week) “conscious physical and mental pain and suffering, and anguish, past and future,” for “physical impairment, past and future,” for “loss of enjoyment of life and peace of mind, past and future,” for “reasonable and necessary medical, counseling, psychiatric, therapeutic and related expenses, past and future,” for “loss of earnings and earning capacity,” and punitive damages.

So these cases are about the money, and that’s fine. That’s how the civil justice system works. The powerful hold the powerful accountable by making them pay for their misdeeds.

Buzbee is trying to have it both ways, scoring points in the court of public opinion by claiming it’s not about money while preserving his ability to seek every last dollar for his clients (as he should).

Again, that’s fine. That’s how it works. Buzbee knows it. He also knows that the average person is more likely to chafe at a perceived money grab than at an noble and virtuous effort to advance broader societal interests.

The truth is that the civil justice system can, and should, do both. Buzbee has somehow managed to sidestep that reality in a P.R. push that has caught and kept Watson and his lawyers/advisors flatfooted.

Lawyer Rusty Hardin has said Watson’s response is coming this week. In the court of public opinion, there’s a chance that it’s already too late.

35 responses to “Two more lawsuits have been filed against Deshaun Watson, running the total to nine

  1. it’s getting deeper by the day, How could you trade for him and have that press conference?

  2. Guessing that Watson’s demands to be traded have been silenced. At this point his career is likely in jeopardy.

  3. Buzbee is not scoring any points with the public with his patently false declaration that it’s not about the money. It’s always about the money.

  4. In my court of personal opinion, I think it’s smart for Hardin to hold off on a more elaborate response. With each passing day as the number of lawsuits skyrocket, these claims seem more implausible to me. The “evidence” Buzbee has provided does not prove anything and his claim of contact from the police was shot down by HPD. To this point, I don’t believe Watson did anything wrong. We’ll see if anything credible is presented but I know which side I would bet on.

  5. How do you dig your way out of this mess? A.) Don’t get in it to begin with; B.) Pay for their silence; C.) Defend your innocence with facts; D.) Take your punishment.

    It’s too late for A or B. He’ll try C and probably end up with D.

  6. The timing of him acting like a diva and then this? Bad look all the way around. I certainly do not know if he did anything wrong except the “diva” like complaining but karma……

  7. The people who complain about money grabs either fail to understand or refuse to acknowledge that monetary damages are the only way to redress the wrong done. Whether it be a car accident, injury from a negligently created condition, or a physical assaul; there is no way to compensate the aggrieved party other than an award of monetary damages.

  8. Don’t think Watson will be playing for anyone next year. Hoping these are false allegations but looks like repetitive behavior.

  9. By sticking to the $500 minimum, Buzbee may be seeking to avoid having the case removed to federal court, where the jurisdictional minimum is much higher.

  10. Total money grab…. Period. No criminal charges, no police complaints or reports… NONE. “Accusers” lining up for a payday. IF this is proven false, than Buzbee should be disbarred and each accuser needs to be fined. Just remember, if there are no police reports or complaints, they cannot be charged with falsely reporting a crime. Hardin will have his day.. Wait and see

  11. It looks more like a smear campaign, than anything else.. Buzbee is a creep and I live in HTX

  12. what to do what to do, pretty soon the Texans will have to give 3 #1’s to get rid of him.

  13. not looking good…the odds that this guy recruited that many people to lie seems pretty unlikely..

  14. And with the 67th Pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Texans select hometown QB Kyle Trask from the Florida Gators!

  15. why any male public figure would put himself in a locked room with a woman in this day and age is beyond me

  16. He said, she said I can get behind as a defense,, but he said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, and so on is harder for me to believe.

  17. nydre4 says:

    And still no criminal charges
    Why are criminal charges needed for you? If this guy caused these women emotional distress by his actions and coerced them into acts outside of the role of their massuese scope of work, then he does have to face civil repercussions at a minimum. Watson has to be held accountable for his deeds – civil or criminal shouldnt matter whatsoever.

  18. With this many “so called victims” a complete in depth police investigation could take weeks, if not longer.

    And the list keeps growing. If criminal charges do get filed it’s not going to happen overnight IMO.

    This will continue to drag on with bits of new info surfacing almost daily.

  19. Future team holds press conference, and says to its fan base – We’ve just traded X number of future first round picks for a guy facing a dozen accusations of serious sexual misconduct. Welcome to our city you’re the new face of our franchise… SORRY BUT THAT AIN’T HAPPENING

  20. That many accusers just begins to make the whole situation completely implausible. If they wanted a serious case they would of stuck with 3 or 4 accusers, enough to suggest a pattern of behavior without stepping in to the realm of ludicrous. Only thing I can think of is that they want this settled behind closed doors and they are banking that Watson wants this to go away really quickly because of the whole trade situation.

  21. Not one criminal charge…..why’s that?


    Can you imagine how difficult it would be to prove this type of allegation? In a criminal court, it has to be beyond a reasonable doubt, and they rarely allow evidence of other acts (they might in this case if there are 12 complainants), but it most often is “he said, she said”. And the “he” in this case is very high profile successful NFL QB. Whereas in a civil suit, it is the preponderance of evidence (more likely that not), which is much easier to prove. You know, since one involved incarceration and one involves a financial judgment.

  22. The more women that come forward, the more likely it seems this is not fabricated. Hard to find 12 women to perjure themselves. What was he thinking?

  23. Buzbee is generating as much “buzbee” as possible so that we won’t focus on the fact that the texts he released prove nothing. If anything, they’re more favorable to Watson than to Buzbee’s claims. So if his cases are so strong, how come all of a sudden we’re hearing nothing of any evidentiary value? I don’t care if Buzbee lines up 100 cases. Until actual evidence is produced, I’m not concluding anything about Watson.

  24. Well if it’s to late Rusty Hardin should come up with a settlement for the accusers and then a non disclosure agreement to protect his client Watson from NFL liability.

  25. The way this lawyer is going about this makes me not trust him at all. If something happened to these women than he should pay the price, but I just don’t trust the way this lawyer is trying this on social media.

  26. People keep saying this is a money grab. So what? That doesn’t mean the allegations are false.

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