Dabo Swinney on Deshaun Watson: “We are disappointed to see his name in the news and all that is going on”

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The NFL hasn’t said much, the Texans haven’t said much, Deshaun Watson hasn’t said much. Clemson coach Dabo Swinney on Monday said more than anyone connected to Watson has said about his current legal issues.

We are disappointed to see his name in the news and all that is going on,” Swinney said after a practice on Monday, via TheClemsonInsider.com. “Look, I love Deshaun Watson. He is like a son to me. That is how I love him. As far as all the legal stuff and all of that, that will all take its course and all of that stuff. We certainly can’t speculate or comment on any of that stuff.

“But all I can tell you is that I have known Deshaun since he was in the ninth grade. And that he has been nothing but exemplary in every area that I have ever known him in. Three years here, as a player, I think I had a chance to yell at him one time because he was five minutes late to a team meeting that he overslept for. And that is it. That is the Deshaun I know. I can only base my thought on my experiences with him, which have been wonderful. Again, I love him like a son and we will just have to see where everything else goes from there.”

We’d expect Swinney to say nothing different about Deshaun. Indeed, a week ago, Watson would have been near the top of the list of NFL players least likely to be involved in any type of off-field issues.

But there are simply too many allegations at this point to rely on past reputation or a history of good manners. These are serious allegations that require a full and complete investigation. The fact that the list of plaintiffs has reached 14 and keeps expanding makes that even more important.

If Watson is blameless, the situation requires a much more aggressive P.R. push than what we’ve seen over the past six days. Common sense suggests that those who are falsely accused shout their innocence from the rooftops.

The counter to this comes from the reality that anything Watson says can and will be used against him, in civil court or possibly in criminal proceedings. Still, silence isn’t helping his cause in the court of public opinion. At this point, Watson quite possibly has lost that battle by default.

10 responses to “Dabo Swinney on Deshaun Watson: “We are disappointed to see his name in the news and all that is going on”

  1. Ted Bundy was also an outstanding citizen who had a judge write a letter of support for him after his initial arrest, and we all know how that turned out, so I’d refrain from commenting on the guys character until this is resolved

  2. Dabo loves to tell all his recruits that Clemson is God’s country while everywhere else is the Devil’s playground.

  3. What if all of this is a concoction between DW and Buzkill? An attempt to force Houston to do the PR thing and “sever ties.”

  4. Every human has a 1st time when they do something wrong or get caught. Before that, there is never a negative track record. Logic 101

  5. A lawyer pumping out stories is not proof.
    Let see how this plays out in court.

    Watson is accused of sexual assault? Present evidence to the DA.

    Watson made comments to each woman? Prove it in court.

  6. I may have binged too many crime tales of late but has anyone else entertained the idea that this may be a set-up ?
    For decades the mafia escaped justice in courtrooms by getting to the jury, finding jurors willing to go on the take.

    If the Texans wanted to find a dozen women willing to yell wolf, I imagine they could. I imagine nothing would give the Texans owner more pleasure than to flip the power dynamic regarding Watson wanting out of Dodge from the Texans being on their back foot to having their boot on Watson’s neck.

    That’s just imaginative speculation though. Things like that just don’t happen in America.

  7. Have a bad feeling that the Texans are behind this whole thing to either discourage suitors or make for a good reason to trade him without fan backlash..of course OJ was a great guy until he cut off a couple of heads

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