Deshaun Watson’s marketing manager says someone contacted him to “blackmail” Watson

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Bryan Burney, who works as Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson‘s marketing manager, says he was contacted in January first by a woman who asked for $30,000 to buy her silence, and then by a man claiming to represent that woman who warned that they would “blackmail” Watson.

A statement from Burney was released today by Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, who is alleging that the 16 lawsuits filed against Watson are part of a scheme against Watson.

The statement is below:

1. My name is Bryan Burney. I am the marketing manager for Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, and have had this role for more than three years. I have personal knowledge of the facts stated in this declaration; they are true and correct.

2. In mid-January 2021, I spoke with an individual who I believe is the Plaintiff, identified as “Jane Doe,” in Jane Doe v. Deshaun Watson, Cause No. 2021-15613, currently pending in Harris County, Texas. It is clear to me that the person I spoke with met with Deshaun on December 28, 2020, the same day that Jane Doe contends in her petition that she met with Deshaun. When I spoke with Ms. Doe in January, she stated that she wanted a “settlement” from Deshaun, though what exactly she wished to “settle” was not clear to me.

3. During my discussions with Ms. Doe, I questioned the factual basis for the “settlement” that she was requesting from Deshaun. Ms. Doe informed me that she was asking to be paid $30,000 for what she referred to as “indefinite silence” about her encounter with Deshaun. I asked her what she would be silent about and whether anything had happened with Deshaun against her will. She confirmed that everything that occurred was consensual during her encounter with Deshaun. I asked Ms. Doe why Deshaun should pay for silence regarding something that was consensual – whatever it was. She said that it was a matter that both she and Deshaun would wish to keep secret and that she would need to be paid for her “silence.”

4. After my conversation with Ms. Doe, I received a call from a man purporting to be her “business manager.” Ms. Doe’s business manager told me that her encounter with Deshaun would be embarrassing if revealed and that Deshaun should pay to keep the matter secret.

5. I told this individual that his demand to be paid for not revealing a consensual interaction between two adults was extortion.

6. He responded, “It’s not extortion, it’s blackmail.”

7. I informed this individual that Deshaun would not be paying the $30,000 requested.

8. In the years that I have known Deshaun, I have known him to be a respectful, decent human being. I do not believe him capable of the conduct that “Jane Doe” has anonymously accused him of in this case. This conduct is also completely inconsistent with multiple statements made by Jane Doe and by her “business manager,” indicating that her encounter with Deshaun involved only consensual activity.

29 responses to “Deshaun Watson’s marketing manager says someone contacted him to “blackmail” Watson

  1. If there was just 1 accuser I will admit this type of information might’ve flipped my opinion. I must admit there is a part of me that just finds the number of accusers too many for a conspiracy to actually be feasible. Loose lips sink ships, but also 24 people plus lawyers I don’t think could keep anything secret.
    Still the wording by the two people the marketing manager says he spoke to don’t seem that of an injured person to me. They sound like a person leveraging a secret. Just my opinion.

  2. …the word blackmail refers to a crime wherein the threat is a revelation of information, extortion refers to a crime wherein the threat is either physical, violent or an unfair use of power.

    Looks like the “business manager” is correct, but salient point is the “blackmail refers to a crime” part.

  3. Deshaun’s lawyer aggressively calling out this one accuser as a former blackmail attempt like this implies they don’t have an obvious defense for the other 13.

  4. Well, if there was ever any doubt,its gone now. I believe this “Marketing Manager” of Deshaun about as much as i believe that the browns will win a Super Bowl. Rusty Hardin, and this clown should be investigated by the authorities. Deshaun has no credibility after that lame statement

  5. If all these lawsuits come down to he said she said then any masseuse could jump on the bandwagon with something like inappropriate touching and probably end up with several thousand dollars in a settlement. Easy sales pitch for Buzbee…

  6. It seems at least with this one accuser, Deshaun might have been into some “kinky” practices.
    Still if she’s admitted that whatever it was was consensual, then she’s already shot herself in the foot.

  7. I understand the number of suits filed creates a perception of guilt, but not one of the plaintiffs contacted the police? I’m curious to see what evidence this (blowhard) lawyer can present. The texts he released represent weak to no evidence of any crime or justification of a civil suit.

  8. “Marketing Manager” gets contacted about blackmail/extortion scheme, but neither he nor Watson went to the Police? Yea, OK…Deshaun, you are grasping at straws. get this scum out of the league and send him to be with Winslow Jr.

  9. Just laughing at all you on here that said Watson would never play in the nfl again. You’re just adorable

  10. There are those that “for whatever reason” are going to root against this kid. The Angel of Truth could come down from the sky and they’d still root against this kid. I am sticking with what I know – or don’t know: ANYTHING. I wasn’t there. But it sure isn’t easy to get a bunch of people to corroborate a coordinate story by a sleazy attorney. Based on the admitted fact by more than one accuser that he apparently had some kink that “he had trouble getting people to agree to,” and the fact that 1) no police report has been filed, 2) that silence sure came cheap for as much money as he makes, and 3) how often this has happened in the real world?

    I am still leaning towards not guilty, or at least not guilty of what some people here seem to hope he is guilty of or the consequences that come with it.

  11. The unfortunate part is how they just played this out in public. If Deshaun is innocent it really sucks that he will always be guilty to some and his reputation is destroyed. If he’s guilty he should be found so in a court of law. If he is innocent he should sue all plaintiffs and Buzbee for slander and loss of future income. Maybe put a price tag of a million per person. See how quick these law suits go away.

  12. Yeah, im pretty convinced at this point the guy paid for sex but didnt assault anyone. This scheme is gonna end up really bad and for the nfls sake i really hope the racist evangelical owner of the Texans is apart of this or he is gonnna get sterlinged.

  13. Deshaun shouldn’t be saying anything. The accused should not say anything while litigation is pending. Any lawyer, and Florio knows this, tells their client to say NOTHING in public about the case while there is pending litigation and/or criminal charges. There’s a reason that they say “anything you say can be used against you in the court of law” when they read you Miranda rights. Watson’s attorneys are the only ones who should be saying anything publicly.

    Secondly, Watson is the accused, he doesn’t have to prove anything yet. Buzbee can win the PR battle, but the court battle is more important. The burden is on Buzbee and the accusers in the civil case to prove their allegations by the preponderance of evidence, and in the criminal court the burden is beyond a reasonable doubt. Watson and his attorneys are just going to wait for all the information and evidence comes in before they start making proclamations. Why would they be commenting publicly while more lawsuits are being filed? You never know what they’re alleging in them so you DO NOT want to force yourself into a corner. Deshaun’s silence shouldn’t be surprising or be taken as admission of guilt or wrongdoing. Being silent is the best thing you can do for your legal case and for your criminal case, and there’s a reason that your lawyers encourage and basically mandate that you remain silent about your case while things are pending.

  14. A soon to be unemployed marketing manager since Watson has no marketability left. And as it looks not a very good marketing manager.

    It is all lawyer positioning now, most would settle, Watson would be smart too and take his suspension if any then keep playing though he would have to keep his mouth shut for the rest of his career.

  15. Here the issue with the current circumstances. Mr. Watson has been accused, not charged or convicted. Yet he has been convicted without any evidence or trial by social media. He will always have this situation buzzing around him, even if this is thrown out by a lack of evidence. I prefer th presumption of innocence until proven guilty… but I’m a bit old fashioned in that regard.

  16. nfldivas says:
    March 23, 2021 at 6:37 pm

    It is all lawyer positioning now, most would settle, Watson would be smart too and take his suspension if any then keep playing though he would have to keep his mouth shut for the rest of his career.


    Why would he settle? We have no idea about the evidence, these women, the alleged acts, the timing, etc. You’re just speculating, which is the problem.

    Secondly, ALL of this needs to play out before there is a suspension. Antonio Brown is currently playing with a civil RAPE lawsuit against him currently. You’re still eligible to play even with a civil lawsuit pending, you can be suspended or placed on the commissioner’s exempt list if there are criminal charges filed (seems unlikely in this case). So your points are both factually inaccurate and your “opinion” is based merely on speculation with no knowledge of the necessary or pertinent information. Don’t you think the best way to form an opinion or to make a decision is to have ALL the relevant information first before deciding what to do next?

  17. Not saying either way on guilt or innocence, but, if you were going to blackmail someone would you contact their “marketing manager”? I would’ve expected a blackmailer to contact Watson directly. They apparently had contact information for him, how’d they get hold of his marketing manager? This is very strange.

  18. A big conspiracy, Mike? Nonsense. A conspiracy of two, Cal McNair and Buzbee. Likely. If Watson gets a weekly massage, that’s a lot of massage “therapists.” So Buzbee dangles payout possibilities for these therapists to go on record and make a claim for what happens behind closed doors with the goal, not to win a judgement, but to win in the court of public opinion, reestablish the Texans as the good guys, and punish Watson for daring to use his power against ownership. So then 10-30 women, facing no real repercussions for unprovable claims, take the bait and it’s mission accomplished already. Now it just has to run it’s course.

  19. amaf21 says:
    March 23, 2021 at 8:09 pm

    @stephanebonics i would hire you any time.


    Well, I am a criminal defense attorney! So if you ever get arrested in Wisconsin, call me up!

  20. supercharger says:
    March 23, 2021 at 6:01 pm
    Did Watson make a police report?
    Did anybody? On either side? I believe the answer is “no”. Every single accuser going through this same attorney? The only way that is possible is for this attorney to seek them out. This entire scenario is why victims have a tough time being believed.

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