Steelers cut Steven Nelson

Pittsburgh Steelers v Dallas Cowboys
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Steven Nelson got his wish.

Just moments after Nelson tweeted that he wanted the Steelers to stop holding him hostage, Nelson was released.

The Steelers will clear $8.25 million off their salary cap by cutting Nelson, and it was unlikely any team wanted to trade for his contract, so his release is no surprise.

Last year Nelson started 15 games at cornerback for the Steelers, and he’s likely to have multiple suitors in free agency, as there aren’t a lot of starting-caliber cornerbacks available.

10 responses to “Steelers cut Steven Nelson

  1. He will make less money this year, but adding to his “signing bonus,” he actually will realize new/more money with a reasonable contract with his new team.

  2. This guy actually wasn’t that good when Haden was out and he had to cover the #1 wr…

  3. Nobody wanted to trade anything to pay him 8 million for 1 year, so he’s almost certainly going to be working for less this year anyway.
    He can cover well, but he doesn’t catch much of anything. I’m not sure what caused him to demand a trade/release. I’m guessing they asked him to take a pay cut. They’re pretty thin at CB now.

  4. Don’t fully understand the negativity in here with Nelson. In my opinion, he’s an above average CB.

  5. I generally think the Steelers know what they are doing. However, this move baffles me. I liked Nelson as a solid if unspectacular CB. They have now lost 2 of their top 4 corners in the last two weeks. They have other holes to fill. This feels like it just creates more problems, and there were other ways to get cap relief.

  6. Getting QB pressure from the front-7 is a CB’s best friend, and
    Nelson’s game has benefited greatly from playing on an aggressive
    defense that has limited his exposure. He is a good No.2 CB, but
    he may be overvaluing his play. Hardly a hostage though, since
    he chose to sign with Pit as a free agent and was still had a year
    on his contract, and no other team was willing to trade for him.

    Odd move. I think Nelson may regret leaving a defense that has consistently
    led the league in sacks and QB pressures. If this is a simply gambit
    for getting more money, he sure picked the wrong year to act up.
    Still, this comes as a surprise since he was telling Chiefs fans
    how much more he appreciated his new city and the organization.
    He should have known the Steelers wouldn’t put up with a malcontent
    after their recent history – or maybe, it’s exactly what he was counting on.

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