Trent Williams came close to signing with Chiefs

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Given his close relationship with the Shanahan family, Trent Williams wanted to stay with the 49ers. Williams’ future, though, became uncertain once the offensive tackle hit the free agent market.

Williams came close to a deal with the Chiefs, a signing he thought was imminent.

“Once I got the hunch that K.C. seemed like they were ready to make it official, I called Kyle [Shanahan],” Williams said Tuesday, via Nick Wagoner of ESPN. “I couldn’t even get it out and just tell him, but I was just like, ‘Hey man, we need to hurry this up, if you get my drift.'”

After trading FaceTime calls with Shanahan, Williams’ agent called “an hour or so” later to tell him it was a done deal. Williams agreed to a contract that will pay him $55.1 million in guarantees.

Patrick Mahomes‘ recruitment of Williams failed, as did that of Colts guard Quenton Nelson.

Shanahan won this one, with Williams lucking into a win-win.

“I thought I would either get a lot of money and be somewhere I hated to be or I would be somewhere I love to be playing for a discount,” Williams said. “I definitely didn’t think it would be both.”

9 responses to “Trent Williams came close to signing with Chiefs

  1. Hes really good. I hope for the niners sake he holds up though. He is older now and thats alot of money. But he ia great. Top 5 lt in football.

  2. Williams is a good player when healthy, but I’m glad my team didn’t overpay to get him.

  3. I’m sorry as a Chiefs fan it would have been nice to have the talent. However, to say you would either hate where you were playing (anywhere but SF basically) or have to take a discount makes you sound like pure drama. Kinda glad they didn’t get it done.

  4. Ya, let’s pretend it wasn’t about the money. Indy is better than San Fran and KC is light years ahead of them. I don’t blame him for taking the money, but that all it was.

  5. I watched Trent play for years in Washington and any fan of the team will tell you what an absolute mauler this man is. One of the only few blue chip players Washington has had in the last 15 years. That o line took a hit when it went south due to Bruce Allen being an incompetent moron. That being said, Kyle knows what a solid left tackle means to your team and you know Trent will give the niners everything he has no question.

  6. Hopefully it pays off even more and he can bring a championship to San Francisco.

  7. When you’re guaranteed to get a very rich offer, why would you go somewhere you’d think you’d be miserable? What a strange statement.

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