Two more lawsuits filed against Deshaun Watson

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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The number of lawsuits filed against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson continued to grow on Tuesday.

Two more lawsuits accusing Watson of sexual misconduct were filed and that brings the total to 16 since the start of last week. Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports that one of the lawsuits filed on Tuesday involved an alleged incident at Watson’s home in Houston.

Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin released a statement on Tuesday saying he believes any accusation that Watson “forced a woman to commit a sexual act is completely false” and said one accuser tried to “blackmail” Watson after “what she stated was a consensual encounter.” Watson’s business manager also submitted a declaration detailing the alleged blackmail attempt.

Lawyer Tony Buzbee has filed the lawsuits against Watson and said last week that he’d spoken to nearly two dozen women telling similar stories about Watson, so the number of suits may go up in the coming days.

9 responses to “Two more lawsuits filed against Deshaun Watson

  1. 16 and counting, yet some believe all these women are lying. Can you imagine keeping this number of people coordinating a thing like this if it was all a lie ?

  2. 16 is just out of control. 15 #me too cases is extreme. Either Watson is habitual/serial or Buzbee is piling on to the point where it appears he is recruiting case participants.

    With this many cases, wouldn’t there have been at least some rumor of impropriety before this?

  3. Turn in tomorrow for Houston’s favorite soap opera, “As the World Spirals”.

  4. Remember when Big Ben was suspended 8 games after the second accusation even though no charges were filed? Good times.

  5. People seem to not have a grasp on what evidence actually is and how it’s presented.

    No evidence has been presented yet because there has been no court proceedings yet. Filing a lawsuit and alleging something is not evidence. Evidence must be presented in court. In civil cases, all the witnesses, victims, etc. must be deposed by opposing counsel’s lawyer. So Rusty Hardin is going to eventually depose and interview ALL of Watson’s accusers. There is so much more that’s going to come out, EVERYONE needs to wait and see how this plays out because none of us know anything.

  6. Maybe some are telling the truth, but just as likely some are lying.
    Who knows what he did, but one thing is certain, this is PR spin by the lawyer.
    Too many fans here are gullible and feel it’s ok to try someone in the media.
    It’s not.
    If Watson did these crimes then prove it.

    Think about it, how easy it is for a very rich person to smear someone. Just pay some people to make false civil claims in the media. Not false criminal accusations where they risk jail time for filing false police reports.

    The biggest loser = the Texans.
    They lost trade value and are going to be a doomed franchise for years.
    I hope their owner chokes on what he let the team become.

  7. In Houston today, there is a new definition of “March Madness.”

    I’m just wondering how the number of accusers 2 weeks ago was zero and now there are 16. Did Busbee have billboards around Houston? Did he take out an ad in a masseuse trade magazine? This reeks of someone throwing stuff against the wall to see if it sticks. I’m afraid Watson’s NFL career is going to take a bad turn as the Texans were hopeful they could find a solution to Watson’s trade demands. When did Deshaun find time to play football anyway?

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