Nelson Agholor: I really embrace being part of this Patriots team

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
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Wide receiver Nelson Agholor enjoyed one of the best seasons of his career in 2020 with the Raiders. Now he’s parlayed that success to a two-year, $22 million deal with the Patriots.

While Agholor has won a Super Bowl with the Eagles, he said Wednesday he’s excited to join New England based on its history of success.

“The picture is very clear when you join the Patriots,” Agholor said, via Ryan Hannable of WEEI. “We have one goal in mind and we work every hard towards that goal and it takes a great sacrifice. I think for me, what I have been through and understanding I had to sacrifice to grow as a player and to perform at a high level, I really embrace being part of this team.”

Part of that will be working with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, and Agholor seems to already have a solid respect for the coach.

“I am just comfortable going out there executing concepts,” Agholor said. “I like to be able to move around depending on scenario, or situation, or routes that need to be executed. I think coach McDaniels historically has done a great job with moving his receivers around and I am excited for that opportunity.”

Agholor became better known for his drops in Philadelphia, but caught 48 passes for a career-high 896 yards and eight touchdowns in Las Vegas in 2020.