Report: James White is expected to re-sign with Patriots

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The Patriots have spent the last week adding free agents from other teams and they’re reportedly closing in on re-signing one of their own as well.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports that running back James White is expected to re-sign with the team and the deal should be finalized soon.

White was a fourth-round pick in 2014 and has been a key offensive piece in New England since his second season with the team. Much of White’s work has come in the passing game.

He has 369 catches for 3,184 yards and 25 touchdowns through the air to go with 309 carries for 1,240 yards and 10 touchdowns on the ground.

White was one of two Patriots running backs to hit free agency. Rex Burkhead was the other and he also remains unsigned at present.

14 responses to “Report: James White is expected to re-sign with Patriots

  1. That makes sense. He is the only one that has a chance of catching balls since Cam cannot throw over 6 yards.

  2. Man, was wanting to see him in Tampa. Maybe this means Fournette is leaning towards resigning with the Bucs, because I would have expected a stronger push by the Bucs to get White.

  3. The Patriots owe him the chance to prove he still has it.

    He still has it if his QB can throw to him at the front part of throwing windows.

    With Cam Newton? he is wasting his last several years of his career.

  4. Can they sign one explosive player? Just one? It’s like Belichick is opposed to bringing in any offensive player with speed or elusiveness.

  5. This guy is a solid baller and great team mate…. So glad that he is coming back. His 2020 was a horrible year for him with losing one of his parents in a car accident and the other severely hurt. I hope that 2021 is kinder to his family and a big bounce back year for him on the field.

  6. It’s like Belichick is opposed to bringing in any offensive player with speed or elusiveness.


    They think that they can still play those “easy” routes and “easy” throws.

    That is why they haven’t gone after available top receivers.

  7. The Pats are doing a nice job of retaining their good players. With the additions, they could be a tough out this year.

    BB did what he had to do this offseason given the QB situation. He clearly had a plan heading into FA, and made it happen. Pretty impressive.

  8. Sweet. I love James White. Last year was particularly awful for him with losing his Dad and COVID. I was hoping that he would stick around and bounce back this year.

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