Report: Marcus Mariota got no-trade clause in new Raiders contract

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Raiders quarterback Marcus Mariota took a steep pay cut in the contract he agreed to this week, but he did get something out of the deal: A no-trade clause.

Mariota’s new contract has the no-trade clause that his old contract did not, according to Greg A. Bedard.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Mariota couldn’t be traded, but it does mean the Raiders can’t trade him without his permission. So if a team in playoff contention loses its starting quarterback, Mariota might waive the no-trade clause to go somewhere that he could start and win games. But the Raiders can’t unload him to a team he doesn’t want to play for.

The Raiders attempted to trade Mariota under his old deal, on which he was going to make $10.725 million. Under his new deal, Mariota makes just $3.5 million for this season, with incentives that could make that up to $8 million. His new contract might make him more attractive to trading partners, but only if Mariota will go along.