Texans promote Greg Grissom to team president

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans
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The Texans have filled their vacant team president position.

An announcement from the team on Wednesday brought word that Greg Grissom has been promoted from senior vice president of corporate development to the president job. Jamey Rootes resigned from the position in February and Grissom took on some aspects of the job on an interim basis.

“Greg’s extensive industry knowledge is evident by the meaningful relationships he continues to develop with our partners, our community and Texans teammates,” Texans chairman and CEO Cal McNair said in a statement. “While going through the interview process, Greg’s intentional, forward-thinking approach showed an authenticity and commitment to championship-caliber excellence that made him the ideal choice to take on this role.”

Grissom will be overseeing the business side of the organization while the football side continues to work out how to proceed with quarterback Deshaun Watson amid a pile of lawsuits and his desire to be traded.