Video emerges of Chase Claypool in a fight

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Steelers receiver Chase Claypool, one of the best rookies of 2020, recently was involved in a bar fight in California. has video of Claypool and others brawling outside the Wild Goose Tavern in Costa Mesa on March 13.

Per the report, the dispute started inside, and the incident moved outside. characterizes the video as showing Claypool giving someone a “swift kick to the face.” The video definitely shows at least one kick from Claypool; it’s unclear (in our view) whether it connects with a face. Later, after a man lunges at Claypool, he possibly slams the mans head into the asphalt.

No arrests have been made and no charges have been filed. The league nevertheless has the authority to investigate and to impose discipline under the Personal Conduct Policy, if the league decides that discipline is warranted.

22 responses to “Video emerges of Chase Claypool in a fight

  1. This kid needs reeled in quickly. A decent amount of rumors floating around Pittsburgh about his character flaws. Will Tomlin ever have to answer for the continued lack of leadership he provides to this team?

  2. Rookie mistake, now that he’s a millionaire he should stay away from bars full of drunks.

  3. walk away, you fool… just take your money and walk away.. don’t get pulled into this crap

  4. ghjjf says:
    Rookie mistake, now that he’s a millionaire he should stay away from bars full of drunks.

    Rookie mistake? It appears to me as though Mr. Claypool is exactly the kind of bar room drunk you claim he should avoid.

  5. Fighting in California? That does not sound like the proper six feet of distancing to me.

  6. On one hand bro code means you want to help your friends. On another hand, friends that get into this type of situation (whether they start it or not) is how you eventually end up with Ray Lewis type charges, as just because you’re the celebrity of the group an overzealous prosecutor looking for a nice win in their book is going to put everything on *you*

    Just walk away.

  7. The exact player Tomlin loves – Zero discipline, and a guy who makes poor decisions

  8. I get that fights happen when we’re young (not condoning it), but you have to know that when you have that much spotlight on you in your career, you just can’t let this kind of thing happen.

  9. Pointless, don’t hang around with losers who are going nowhere…they have less to lose than you do, dummy!

  10. the nfl should start a mentorship program ..employing retired players. each team should be assigned 1 or 2 mentors to take these rookies under their wing and teach them how to be professional. Maybe…just maybe..there would be less of these stories.

  11. This is why the Steelers, for all their talent, have ultimately been a failure in the last dozen years. They bring in and keep players with serious baggage and/or serious questionable character issues. It perpetuates an unhealthy culture that eventually leads to failure on the field. Compare them to the Patriots in the last dozen years and you could argue the Steelers have had superior talent overall, but they sure haven’t matched the Patriots success. Having players like Claypool on your roster is an example of why.

  12. Not to draw conclusions as to why the fight started, but there is a notable difference between the appearance of the two groups fighting in that video. Wouldn’t surprise me to hear that some choice words sparked that altercation.

  13. This isn’t 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago. A fist fight can end up with shots fired and dead bodies. Learn your lesson and stay out of these situations.

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