Bears’ characterization of Andy Dalton as “QB1” doesn’t mean much

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The Chicago Bears made a bit of a social-media stir on Wednesday night with a tweet featuring an altered image of Andy Dalton in his new uniform with the message, “QB1.”

Some Bears fans were confused. Here’s the explanation. Yes, Dalton is QB1. For now.

We’ve seen it before. We’ve seen it before from the Bears. Sign a supposed starter in March and, after the draft, he’s no longer the clear-cut No. 1 option.

Four years ago, the Bears signed Mike Glennon in free agency. Both before and after drafting Mitchell Trubisky, Glennon was characterized as the starter. Even in late July of 2017, the team said Glennon is the starter.

Trubisky instantly looked better, and the Bears benched Glennon after four games.

Although Dalton likely isn’t at risk of being benched for current backup Nick Foles, it’s still possible that the Bears will select a quarterback with the 20th overall pick in the draft. If they do, they’ll likely continue to call Dalton the “QB1.”

And he will be. Until the precise moment that he isn’t — especially if the Bears take a quarterback in the first round of the draft.

17 responses to “Bears’ characterization of Andy Dalton as “QB1” doesn’t mean much

  1. Even if they take a QB at 20, it would behoove them to have that rookie sit for a year.

  2. So true, I mean it meant nothing when the Bungles characterized him as the starting QB, likewise. 😛

  3. The whole signing of Andy Dalton makes little sense. If he doesn’t perform well then they have two #2 QBs at best each at $10MM per year or more. If he does play well it is a one year deal and he would sign the largest free agent contract he can find, as it would be his last major contract. So they might, with a big MIGHT, have solved the QB situation for a single season. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t offer more for Carson Wentz, who has a higher upside than Dalton and is much younger.

    They don’t draft until the 20th pick, so give up this year’s #1 or even the #2 and a conditional pick next year. If you give up the 20th make next years a 3rd rounder that could progress into a 2nd rounder if Wentz plays well, and if he plays poorly it should fade to a 4th rounder. If this year’s 2nd rounder is included than do the same deal as the Colts did for next year, a 2nd rounder that could turn into a 1st or a 3rd. Either way Wentz seems like a much better horse to pick than Dalton. Besides if Wentz plays really bad then the Bears would most likely be drafting much higher that the 20th slot this year and therefore could go after a QB in next years draft.

  4. What a way to electrify your fans by hyping the signing of a washed up QB who no team wanted as a starter last year. The Bears continue to be the Bears.

  5. It’s QB0 because we have no QB. Having a middling QB is basically having no QB in any meaningful way. What does Andy Dalton do with an aging team and declining defense for us? We already have Nick Foles and his contract. Are we going to trust Pace, who managed to pick Trubisky over *Mahomes* and *Watson*? Oh yeah, that IS the plan. Somehow he didn’t get fired for that.

  6. I’m starting to wonder if the QB problems in big cities is because of the media in big cities.

    There are Bears fans that actually believed Seattle was going to take on a ~$39,000,000 dead cap hit. Other people are pining for Watson who has had serious accusations leveled against him. Trading for either one of them would have gutted the team, and it’s not even clear whether Watson will be able to play this year.

    I’m excited to see Dalton play. Whatever your opinion is of Nagy, when he was calling plays there actually were WRs open, and Trubisky would either overthrow them or not see them. Dalton is light years ahead of Trubisky; if Trubisky can get a QBR in the 90s, I expect great things from Dalton, who can actually read a defense.

  7. I remember the Mike Glennon signing followed by the drafting of Trub and the insistence that Glennon was QB1. I think though the Bears had to go that route – if I remember correctly (and I do) they signed Glennon to a 3 year $45 mil deal.

  8. The Bears will outsmart themselves and either reach for or trade back and get someone like Trask, Newman, or Monds, and then tell us that he was number one on their board all along. We’ll be told to “trust the process”, and Nagy will continue to try and shoehorn the pick into his system with no regard to adjust to the new QB’s skills.

    By 2023, the young QB is a wreck, Foles gets re-signed to a multi-year contract as a back-up, and Sid Luckman is dug up and placed on a wooden post in the backfield, giving the Bears their best quarterback play in 70 years.

  9. I’m excited to see Dalton play. Whatever your opinion is of Nagy, when he was calling plays there actually were WRs open, and Trubisky would either overthrow them or not see them. Dalton is light years ahead of Trubisky; if Trubisky can get a QBR in the 90s, I expect great things from Dalton, who can actually read a defense.

    Trubisky had a higher QBR, higher completion %, and higher yards per attempt in 2020 than Dalton. So how exactly is he an upgrade? Bears fans trying to talk themselves into Dalton is pretty funny. Enjoy Dalton’s back-breaking turnovers and pick 6s in pressure situations.

  10. Trubisky was playing in the same offense he’d played in for three years, while Dalton was the new guy in Dallas. Even then, he was much more decisive than Trubisky in his reads, mainly because he can read the defense pre-snap.

    I’ve watched the Cowboy’s games since Dalton was signed and at least 3 of his TOs were on his WRs. At a glance, their offensive line was also (somehow) as bad as the Bears’ (who eventually settled on a very good trio in the middle).

    The proof is in the pudding, and we’ll know more in ~6 months… but Dalton’s decisiveness/reads are why I’m excited to watch him play this year.

  11. Trubisky seems to work hard and say good things but he is what he is, a 4th round talent who got drafted WAY too high and then was forced into the starting lineup because of it (not because he looked better than Glennon, who looked exactly like a career backup in a new offense should look). Dalton’s going to be fine if they can protect him and establish a running game.

  12. Maybe Foles would have been better off if he hadn’t won the Super Bowl. After that big win it’s been all downhill for him, and If he keeps this trajectory it’s not long before his stock hits rock bottom.

  13. More silliness from Halas Hall. All this noise about QBs when the problem starts with keeping Pace.

  14. I feel sorry for the Bears’ social media team. I know they’re just taking direction from above but everything the Bears have done the past few weeks seems calculated to tick off the fan base and that’s a terrible position to be put in.

  15. Someone above me said Dalton will be fine and if Bear fans will be happy with 8 and 8 or 9 and 7 I guess he is correct. (Still not sure about game 17 being a sure thing)

  16. Not for or against Dalton but didn’t he lead the Bengals to the playoffs multiple times?

    Not expecting much this year. Middle of the pack for drafting. You can guarantee Pace trades up for a better pick. Unless McCaskey had the reins on him and the goal is to tank this year and clean house.

    We’ll see.

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