Demarcus Robinson re-signing with Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs v Miami Dolphins
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The Chiefs have retained one of their own.

Wide receiver Demarcus Robinson is heading back to Kansas City on a one-year deal, according to several reports.

This is the second year in a row that Robinson has stuck with the Chiefs on a one-year deal. He was originally a fourth-round pick by the club back in 2016.

Robinson has been a significant piece of Kansas City’s offense, particularly over the last two years. He started nine games in 2020, playing 65 percent of the team’s offensive snaps. He recorded career-highs in both receptions (45) and yards (466) while catching three touchdowns. Robinson also caught a pair of passes in the postseason.

Teammate Tyreek Hill was apparently happy to receive the news, retweeting a report with, “Thank you Chiefs.”

In 80 career games, Robinson has caught 120 passes for 1,415 yards with 11 touchdowns.

7 responses to “Demarcus Robinson re-signing with Chiefs

  1. “Robinson has been a significant piece of Kansas City’s offense, particularly over the last two years.” Yeah, two passes in the post-season is pretty significant. Not sure what they would have done without his key contributions to the offense this last post-season.

  2. He isn’t elite, but he’s generally healthy and available.. which is more than can be said for Sammy Watkins. His hands are sub par, but catches more than he misses. Clean up the turnovers and I can see a pay off.

  3. Losing this dude would have been addition by subtraction for the Chiefs. Catches about every third or fourth ball that comes his way and as a PR…oh my….he almost single-handedly lost the Saints game by trying to return a punt inside his own 10yd line and subsequently, luckily, fumbling out of the back of the end zone for 2 pts rather than 6.

  4. Meh, As long as he remains the #4 guy… I’m ready for Byron Pringle to be the #3 guy. Robinson has the extravagant personality of a WR, but not the hands.

  5. At the price he re signed for, I don’t know how anyone can complain about it. He knows the offense and has contributed. Hopefully he can contribute at a higher level going forward.

  6. He is more of a liability than and asset. he kills drives dropping passes and is a threat to fumble at the slightest contact. Dude literally got a first down by two yards, drove backwards to the first down marker fumbled the ball out if bounds negating the first down. chiefs had to punt.

  7. The most frustrating part about d Rob is that he spends too much time watching hill and Hardman and every time he touches the ball he thinks he has that kind of speed. He doesn’t. And would be better served just running the damn ball instead of going backwards all the time

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