Desmond Trufant “hungry” after down 2020 season

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
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The Bears made some changes to their cornerback group this month by releasing Kyle Fuller and Buster Skine while signing Desmond Trufant.

Trufant was released after one season by the Lions and he spent most of that season sidelined by injuries. He only appeared in six games due to hamstring woes and he told reporters on Thursday that the experience is motivating him to bounce back with his new club.

“I’m hungry,” Trufant said, via the team’s website. “It was a down year for me. I was in and out of the lineup. I couldn’t do what I wanted to do. I made some plays, but it wasn’t good enough, wasn’t up to my standard because I wasn’t in the lineup. It was just one of those years. It’s hard to explain.”

Trufant will be working with young teammates as Jaylon Johnson, Duke Shelley, and Kindle Vildor were all drafted in the last two years. Trufant said he’ll be a resource to them while trying to make sure things go better on the field than they did last year.

6 responses to “Desmond Trufant “hungry” after down 2020 season

  1. I’m going to miss Fuller.

    And if it was truly between him or Hicks having to go, I think I’d bet on Fuller playing more games than Hicks this year.

  2. So the bears have now signed two members of the lions awful defense . How does ryan pace still have a job.

  3. I feel like for as high as the Bears brass claims to be on Sean Desai, who they promoted to DC, they’re not giving him a lot to work with. Gambling on a guy who has never been a DC to coach up sub-par talent in his rookie season–on a team where it has proven that the offense won’t come close to carrying its own weight–is taking a real risk and hardly seems to position Desai for success.

  4. @bassplucker

    Sub-Par on Defense? Ok you really have no clue who plays on the bears defense. The could possibly have the best front 7 in the NFL, at least top 5. Eddie Jackson is one of the better safties and Jaylon Johnson played like one of the better CBs in the league most of the season. So the only weak spot is right now there is no nickle, and no strong saftey. Both can be plugged with any decent player and still the defense as a whole be top tier.

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