Mike McCarthy: Focus of change is on defense

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy’s first season on the job was not as successful as he or the team would have hoped and the play of the team’s defense is a big reason for that.

They set a franchise record for points allowed on the way to a 6-10 finish and McCarthy opened up a Thursday press conference by saying that the “focus of change” this offseason is going to be on the defensive side of the ball.

The first change on that front came when the Cowboys fired Mike Nolan and hired Dan Quinn as their new defensive coordinator. McCarthy called Quinn “a huge asset” to the team, which echoed executive vice president Stephen Jones’ belief that Quinn’s hiring was a “major step” in the right direction.

While change is the focus, McCarthy said he doesn’t view it as a “start over” situation and would like to build on some of the things that the team did right in the final weeks of the season. He also resisted labeling the defense as a 4-3 or 3-4 by saying they’ll build around the players in order to come up with a successful approach.

Getting that done would improve the chances that McCarthy’s second year in Dallas goes a lot better than the first.

7 responses to “Mike McCarthy: Focus of change is on defense

  1. Nolan was a terrible DC did not put our players in the right nor best position to their strengths. We just need a big run stopper in the middle I think the two young DT’s Gallimore and Hill will be improved. Looks like we signed decent role players and special teams guys on defense and about to sign another S. We will draft CB at #10 and I pray that we get JC Horn. That guy is a tough fast baller his highlights tape is impressive. Surtain just looks like he holds and clingy on WR and that won’t fly in the NFL.

  2. Dallas could be a good team if they could ever hire a decent head coach, which includes the defacto make every decision owner/gm/want-to-be coach . McCarthy should have been canned for hiring Nolan in the first place, hiring his buddy retread was just dumb, Jerry is to egotistic to admit to his mistakes. Starting to look a lot like Green Bay…Mike throws every one under the bus to cover for his inability to coach, except in Green Bay he had Rodgers ability to overcome his blaring short comings as a coach. Dak doesn’t have that ability.

    At least the NFC East is so horrible a 6 win team should easily win the conference.

  3. Last year the Cowboys defense had some very good players with certain strengths. DC Mike Nolan tried to change everything around about the ‘Boys and had negated those strengths. That’s not going to happen under Dan Quinn. Quinn will have the Cowboys playing to their individuals strengths. The Cowboys have been looking to upgrade the secondary so it does make sense the ‘Boys go in that direction. There will be a number of CB and S to chose from at #10. However I like the Penn State LB, Parsons. This young man is another LB in the mold of Sean Lee. He’s active and can run sideline to sideline making tackles. He a good blitzer and cover a back coming out of the backfield. I like Vander Esch play, but I still have questions about his neck troubles.

  4. does McCarthy realize free agency already started? we’re still waiting for those improvements

  5. McCarthy came in as a Super Bowl winning coach yet somehow had guys playing in Year 1 like they’d already tuned him out. That takes some doing. For all his faults, Garrett at least got consistent effort from guys.

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