Seahawks bring back Carlos Dunlap

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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Cut earlier this month by the Seahawks to avoid a $3 million roster bonus and to create $14 million in cap space, pass rusher Carlos Dunlap is back with the team.

According to agent Drew Rosenhaus, Dunlap has agreed to terms to rejoin Seattle. Per Rosenhaus, it’s a two-year, $16.6 million deal, with $8.5 million guaranteed.

Dunlap, 32, was traded to the Seahawks by the Bengals during the 2020 season. He had spent his entire career in Cincinnati, but he had a falling out with the organization regarding his playing time and the manner in which the team was using him.

He had five sacks in eight games with the Seahawks in 2020. For his career, Dunlap has 87.5 sacks.

25 responses to “Seahawks bring back Carlos Dunlap

  1. That looks like a number Buffalo could have accommodated instead of signing a 34 year old wide receiver. Sigh. Hope I am wrong about the room for Sanders to make much of a difference.

  2. The Seattle D line is transforming into the over the hill gang. Dunlap is not getting younger and he replaces Jarran Reed. Kerry Hyder is no spring chicken either.

  3. So Seattle can say they made him whole on the $3 mil they stiffed him in 2020. Win Win.

  4. The kid we signed earlier today from San Francisco is going to be the difference maker for the Seahawks that hopefully allows Carlos not to be double teamed on passing downs.

  5. This free agency off-season is looking so much better than last year for the Hawks.
    I guess it has to, with only 3 draft picks.

  6. Glad he is signed……Reed was a victim of Cap Space constraints and this move. Hopefully, he is offered a way to get back, as well. The Seahawks are trying to remain on top of the tough NFCW Division…….This helps.

  7. PFTs’s top 25 from March 20th had Dunlap at 2. A couple of guys have signed but most of those vets are in trouble. Could be unsigned or well below market value. Dunlap’s deal looks good for Seattle but they’ve had to move on from KJ Wright.

  8. Love this move even though it cost us Jarran Reed to do it. The D-Line now is much deeper as far as actually getting TO the QB. Still want to see us get better vs the Run though.

  9. Yes! This is icing on the cake for the Hawks d-line. PC and JC have done a great job considering their cap situation and number of draft picks. Huge, huge signing.

  10. lol

    they chose dunlap over reed

    cap hell

    Jokes on you if you think Reed is the better player.

  11. Yes! Seattle now has at least three legitimate 10+ sack capable Edge guys, plus 3 young guys that will benefit greatly from the attention the others get and one safety that we all know can get after the QB like no other safety. Baring injuries they’ve got a chance to be a great D-line and by extension a great defense as a whole.

    With the offensive moves they’ve made the NFC West is going to be one hell of a show this coming year. And with 17 games there is a chance all 4 teams make it to the playoffs.

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