Dolphins end up with more picks and a clear path to a great player

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The Miami Dolphins have moved from No. 3 to No. 12 to No. 6. In so doing, they’ve stockpiled future picks and ensured that they’ll get a great player.

With a run on quarterbacks expected at the top of the draft, with the Jaguars, Jets, and 49ers likely to take signal-callers to start the process, the Dolphins will get one of the top three players on their board, since they’re obviously not looking at a quarterback.

If another quarterback goes with pick No. 4 or pick No. 5, the Dolphins will get one of the top two players on their board.

The fact that the Dolphins made the move to No. 6 now shows that they have at least three non-quarterbacks they’d be thrilled to get. They’ll definitely get one of them. And, despite dropping only three net spots, they’ll have an extra first-round pick and an extra third-round pick for their trouble.

Or they can now load up the cannon for an attempt to get Russell Wilson.

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  1. Thank you Houston for blowing the Week 17 game against the Titans. That’s worth at least a 2023 1st round pick and a 3rd rounder. Laremy Tunsil, the gift that keeps on giving. Thank goodness for bong masks…

  2. getting Russell Wilson would not be wise because from 2017 to 2020, Russell’s win-loss record without Chris Carson is below .500 (11-12 IIRC). Since Seattle is not going to trade both Wilson and Carson to the same team, any team that gets Wilson will get a QB who cannot compile a winning record without a one-thousand yard rusher.

  3. yeah great, except they’re still stuck with Tua at QB so this is a net loss for them.

  4. These are great moves. I wouldn’t put it past the realm of possibility that Grier figures to turn that 6th pick, into more first round picks.

  5. That extra 1st rounder they got isn’t until 2023, so it’s not tradable until the draft begins. If they were trying to get Russell Wilson, wouldn’t the Seahawks rather have #3 overall than #6? They’re going to need a QB, unless they’re taking Tua.

  6. “Ensured they’ll get a great player”? If high picks “ensured” acquisition of “great players”, the Browns would have a couple rings by now. Ensured they will get a great -college- player, maybe, but few draft picks are sure things in the NFL.

  7. Miami was positioned to get a top flight QB in the draft. Now that will not happen. Tua is not the answer. Bad trade by Miami. The QB position is too important and now Miami has blown it two years in a row. Good luck with all those draft picks and no QB.

  8. Hilarious. They lost a 1st rder in Tua, a top 10 pick and then lost another by moving up.

    This year’s draft is a crapshoot.

    Grier is a moron. He just said Tua is our qb 2 months ago and Fitzpatrick is gone.

  9. I don’t get the love for Tua? A very good COLLEGE QB but I don’t see him translating well into a winning QB in the NFL and certainly not a guy who will ever win a SB no matter how much talent he has around him.

    But the Miami moves make a great deal of sense to me because they are in a position to take a QB if one they like falls to them and if not they then grab the top position player on their board (and if they are stupid enough to waste their top pick on a WR they deserve the diva they will get).

    As I see it Jacksonville is taking Lawrence no matter what because if they don’t take him and he turns out great (not convinced) they will get killed for it (see: Mahomes, Patrick). Most NFL teams are afraid to stand their ground in the face of public pressure.

    Jets are taking a QB because Darnold has not proven he is the guy and at the price of rookies you keep drafting a QB every year until you have got “The Guy”.

    But now this gets interesting because the media seem to think there are 4-5 “guys” behind Lawrence. No matter who the Jets pick that leaves 3-4 guys still available.

    SF is a wild card, if they can trade Garoppolo then they are definitely looking for a QB (maybe they are anyway) so that leaves 2-3 “guys”.

    If Atlanta’s guy isn’t there at 4 they go in a different direction. And I’m not sure they don’t think Ryan has a another couple of good years in him so they can afford to be patient.

    Cinny has Burrow, enough said.

    If the Jets screw the pooch and pick the wrong guy (see: 1983 – O’Brien, Ken instead of Marino, Dan) then it is very possible the Fins “guy” is still there. If he is they scoop him up and have a pretty inexpensive QB room to see who can become “The Guy”.

    At the prices of rookies, even 1st rounders, you draft a QB every chance you get until you find the guy. While a WR is a flashy pick no WR ever carried a team to a SB and you build from the inside out (well great teams do). No QB can pass from the seat of his pants and no RB can run if there are no holes and there are some decent linemen coming out. The best ones won’t be available at 18 (Fins next pick).

    Draft wise Miami is sitting pretty with a number of options.

  10. from someone who agreed with cowherd that josh allen was not even a top 200 player

  11. pat1776 says:
    Good luck with all those draft picks and no QB.
    It could be worse…they could have none of those extra draft picks and a washed-up QB…

  12. People act like Tua’s first year was some sort of disaster. If you give him a full season at his stat rate it’s 3,800 total yards and 28 total TDs. And that was with no preseason games, the usual rookie learning curve, AND coming off of a catastrophic hip injury. Add an elite pass catcher and top 3 running back to go with Devante Parker, Will Fuller, a healthy Preston Williams and Gesicki? Miami will be onto something. 10-6 last year. One of the youngest teams in the league, with a ton of draft capital going forward.

  13. These are great moves. I wouldn’t put it past the realm of possibility that Grier figures to turn that 6th pick, into more first round picks.
    Definitely an if/then scenario depending on who’s available when they pick at six. Chances are decent that four and five could still trade out ensuring that four quarterbacks could go in the first five picks. They could absolutely trade back again from six, get more picks, still get the guy they want and trade back into the end of the first round and end up with three first round picks this year as well. Let the games begin!

  14. I actually think it was a brilliant move by Miami. The gained 3 first round picks in a move from 3 to 12. Then took one of those picks and into a better slot at 6 then 3. They would’ve over drafted Pitts or Chase at 3, but drafted either of those 2 (one of then will be there at 6 anyways. Miami will get the player they wanted all along a little cheaper and they got a first and fifth essentially for nothing..Brilliant move.

  15. lovef111 says:
    March 26, 2021 at 8:16 pm
    “Ensured they’ll get a great player”? If high picks “ensured” acquisition of “great players”, the Browns would have a couple rings by now.

    Browns fan here and loved the comment. Because the draft, as some people know, is a crap shoot. I think the running stat is 50/50 in the first round over many years and that’s just those who don’t flame out, not those who become stars. Well said!

  16. Russ is not going anywhere. Huge cap hit. Move along, nothing to see here.

  17. With so many 1st round QB busts, you must build strong in the trenches. Top flight QBs suck up too much of the cap when they’ve done nothing (Watson, Stafford). If the first round is 50/50 and you have 2 1st round picks every year, things are looking up in Miami. Look at how they coached up a bunch of no-names and still went 10-7 after the trades. Everyone thought they were tanking. Yet somehow they were better than everyone but the Bills in the east.
    I’m a Raider fan but see what is happening in Miami. Their GM and staff seem to be head and shoulders above the rest of the league. If they do it 2 years in a row, they could be headed for a huge 5 year run. But they could find themselves banging their heads against the ceiling if they continually lose to the Bills or Chiefs in the playoffs. If I’m a fins fan, I love the last 18 months.

  18. colainsa says:
    March 26, 2021 at 11:34 pm
    Chris Grier tier and Brian Flores playing chess, everyone else playing checkers
    Grier is yet to win the division let alone the conference or SB. Clearly a little level Checkers player at this point.

  19. Stone Cold Brian Flores and Chris “Cool Hand Luke” Grier made the Dolphins potential Championship contenders for the next 4 or 5 years with these moves. The thing is, now that the Fins have made these trades, they have lessened the value for any other team (other than Jets) making a trade down or up in 1st rd. The Dolphins for THIS year will have among the best receiving corps in the NFL regardless of which WR they pick (barring injury or other disaster), and they have among the NFL’s best defenses. Anyone who says Tua is not an elite NFL QB might be correct, but they certainly cannot state it with any certainty whatsoever…#Finsup

  20. They still have to make the picks and the players have to pan out. Based on the blind faith in Tua their player evaluation is a big question.

  21. A hall of fame QB who played for the Colts had a bad first year’ and all of the general mangers said he sucks’ however the team added some good players to help him to have great success in his long career’ the GM’s of course are on this blog. what was his name again? Bill

  22. I am older than dirt on a good day. I remember when Pittsburg dump Johnny U on the Baltimore Colts, wash up they said. I rest my case. Bill

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