Houston Police Department: No evidence against Deshaun Watson has been submitted

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The Deshaun Watson situation has gotten very quiet since Tuesday. That could change as soon as today, based on the most recent word on Tuesday night from attorney Tony Buzbee, who represents 16 women who has sued the Texans quarterback for assault.

For now, though, not much is happening. Via KTRK, the Houston Police Department said Thursday that it has not yet received any documentation or other evidence from Buzbee. The lawyer has said that his office would be submitting affidavits and other evidence on Monday, March 22.

No new lawsuits have been filed since the total reached 16 on Tuesday. Buzbee has said that his office is talking to a total of 24 women who have concerns about Watson’s behavior during massage sessions.

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  1. And this is why we have the justice system to begin with, it doesn’t always get it the right verdict but going through the correct process is the only way to be fair.

    At this point, Buzbee has a lot to prove. Watson is looking better by the minute and deserves the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

    These are serious allegations, when made by the proper authorities.

    This lawyer has staked his career/reputation on this case, clearly, sorry to say I’m rooting for him to crash and burn.

    That said, if Watson did in fact do anything illegal, he should pay for it. But the right way, not in the media and not with a check book.

    This isn’t going away but it also isn’t materializing.

  2. Seemed like he was toast & plenty of evidence against him. Why mot submit it. He belongs in jail if it’s true. It contradicts everything Buzzbee said if criminal evidence isn’t submitted. No one is “protected” if Watson only loses $$$ if he’s guilty.

  3. I’ve been thinking about these accusations. If you read the text a lot of them state “Watson later reached out as if nothing happened”. I Know this goes against the pitchfork mentality society seems to have now, but, what if nothing did happen? He’s reaching out to them because nothing untoward occurred. The lawyer bringing that up in every accusation could just be front-running the fact that there’s 0 evidence for this, and trying to gin something up to look incriminating. Again, I don’t know if that’s true, and neither does anyone else here. I just wish people would stop jumping to conclusions and let this process play out. The plaintiffs’ lawyer is trying to do trial via press-conference and that’s not good for a defendent, or the alleged victims.

  4. If Watson is guilty of criminal offenses then he should be punished. If he’s not guilty and these women are just trying to get a payday, they should be punished for ruining his reputation and character. Let’s see how this plays out in the legal system.

  5. This is a classic lawyer strategy, when you are lacking hard evidence, attempt to have your case tried in the court of public opinion and hope that for all your bluster and bravado, the other side will simply pay you to go away.

    On the other hand, Watson should tell him to go pound sand, don’t offer him a dime and make him look like the ambulance chaser that he is.

  6. The Buzbee Kraacken? This guy is setting up the legal profession for another massive blow to its reputation. How can you do this to somebody without any evidence…

  7. Some may say Watson is in the eye of the storm right now. Everyone take cover!

  8. Interesting. The police have no evidence and Buzbee has downgraded the severity of the accusations from sexual assault down to “concerns about Watson‘S behavior.” This sounds less and less like wrongdoing on Watson’s part and more of a money-grab on Buzbee’s part.

  9. Seriously, this who thing smelled from the moment it started. Watson doesn’t want to play for Houston. Ownership insisted that they will not trade him and put pressure on him to no avail. Then out of the blue an avalanche of allegations come out to sabotage his reputation. No one knows the truth – the real story. But if I were a betting man, I would wager these allegations were designed to force Watson to play for Houston; and if he does, the allegations will go away.

  10. Do people really not understand the difference between civil and criminal processes?

    Anything having to do with the civil trial has nothing to do with criminal proceedings. If Buzbee or any victim makes a report or submits evidence to the police, they can open an investigation. Until there is a complaint, evidence, or a report filed, the police can do nothing else.

    Watson settling these cases has ZERO effect on whether criminal charges are brought if police actually receive information and evidence.

    And all the talk of Watson going to jail is premature too. Until charges are filed, he faces no possible jail time.

  11. For all his talk, Buzbee has yet to provide an iota of evidence of criminality. I still find it troubling that not one of the many accusers ever filed a report with the police but instead went to a lawyer. That lawyer, rather than taking his clients directly to the police to file charges, went on a publicity spree of wild accusations aimed at influencing public opinion. While it is certainly possible, even likely, that Watson behaved crudely during his message sessions, Buzbee is looking more and more like a money grubber.

  12. If there was any PD investigation at all, and if Buzbee hadn’t handled this the way it was handled, it would be a whole lot easier on the accusers. This is just a head scratcher all the way. And affidavits from the accusers do not equal an indictment. Not by a long shot. Not to mention, with Buzbee literally the only person that these accusers went to, those affidavits are apt to look real similar (identical?) in nature. And that is not a good thing in making this look real.

  13. For the conspiracy minded: how does Houston gain by ruining the reputation of the face of their franchise? It makes zero sense. They ruin the reputation of their QB possibly causing him to get suspended and destroy any trade value he has? So no 3 first round picks and ruin a player for spite? Is that what you’re seriously suggesting?

  14. As Ted Cruz said : ” When the Law is on your side you pound on the Law, When the Facts are on your side, You pound on the Facts and when you have nothing, You pound on the Table”
    So far it looks like a lot of table pounding.

  15. stephanebonics says:
    March 26, 2021 at 10:58 am
    Watson settling these cases has ZERO effect on whether criminal charges are brought if police actually receive information and evidence.

    If he settles where are the police going to get information and evidence? Any settlement agreement would be confidential and include a non-disclosure agreement.

  16. Typically, a client and the masseuse are in a room by themselves. Absent physical evidence (rape kit, for example), it’s a he-said/she-said deal. Going to be very hard to prove anything at all happened. 18 crimes occurred? Or 18 possible payoffs sought?

  17. There is only one thing that can keep this attorney quiet for over 48 hours, A SETTLEMENT.

    I guess that number 15 lawsuit, really scared the Watson camp badly. That one is scary bad for D4.

    If you think the silence right now is due to Buzbee not havening enough evidence, think again.

  18. So the Houston Police have no record of anything here? 24 civil plaintiffs and not a single record of police involvement?

    Watson needs to sue this creep Buzbee for defamation of character.

    Is there any question as to why the legal profession is viewed so poorly in this country?

  19. Did you ever think that Watson decided to act inappropriately with a masseuse because he knew it would be her word against his? And evidence would be hard to prove? Look at Bill Cosby. People who commit sexual assault are usually intelligent and know how to isolate their victims.

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