Leonard Fournette back to Bucs

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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The Buccaneers now have almost the whole band back together for an attempt at a return to the Super Bowl.

Free agent running back Leonard Fournette is the latest to confirm that he’ll be back in Tampa Bay for the 2021 season.

I am re-signing with the Bucs,” Fournette told Josina Anderson.

Fournette arrived in Tampa Bay after the Jaguars cut him just before the start of last season. He had an up-and-down year, with career-lows in carries (97) and yards (367). But he played a significant role in the Bucs’ run to the Super Bowl, starting all four postseason games and totaling 300 rushing yards and 148 receiving yards in the postseason.

The Bucs have now re-signed virtually every significant player from last year’s championship team. Free agent wide receiver Antonio Brown is the only noteworthy player on the 2020 roster who is not yet under contract for 2021.

34 responses to “Leonard Fournette back to Bucs

  1. I’m actually stunned at this. I figured Playoff Lenny would look for more money, and the Bucs would prefer to develop Keshawn Vaughn behind Ronald Jones. In all honestly, I think that’s what the Bucs should do, unless they signed Fournette to an inexpensive contract.

    But I am happy to have him back. I have my doubts about AB. What good is having an excellent receiver when you know they’re going to court right before the playoffs?

  2. If I were a fan of any other team than the Bucs, I wouldn’t even watch football next year. None of your teams have a chance now! Hahaha! Go Bucs!!!

  3. It’s kind of funny how they’re bringing all these players back when the salary cap has gone down, are they pulling a Denver Bronco cheat here?

  4. Ah crap. I have Ronald Jones in my dynasty league and I was hoping he would be the main RB with Fournette gone. Not good news for me!

  5. I think the Seahawks were the other strong suitor but when they got Carson back, he saw the lack of other interest and figured he needed a matching ring on the other hand

  6. It seems AB has been offered a 1 year prove it deal, by the Bucs. Maybe he should go to Seattle where he’ll have a bigger role in the passing game.

  7. Lombardi Lenny coming back for another run. As a Bucs fan I certainly had my doubts when Fournette was brought in, but the guy was clutch in the postseason and I’m happy he’s back in pewter.

  8. If Antonio Brown doesn’t get re-signed, it’s only because he has a court hearing in December. At any time, the league could suspend him for all the stuff he was accused of doing in 2019 and in October of last year. They could keep him signed anyways until then, though.

  9. The band is back for another run! Fournette makes it complete. The Bucs don’t need AB back. Let the Miller and Johnson have more playing time. Fournette was the one player I thought the Bucs might lose. Great job Jason!

  10. So this must be what it felt like to be a Patriots fan for all those years. Good players will turn away the highest bidding team, just so they can play with Brady for a ring.

    Now the Pats have to play with the same cards as every other non-Brady team.

    But Brady was too old in New England, right?

  11. If key players stay healthy this year, they should be in the thick of things come playoffs.

    Brady will tell them, we have work to do, so far we haven’t won anything this year.

  12. Lenny was brought in to supplement the NON-pass-catching Ronald Jones, but during the regular season, he really wasn’t very impressive in either role. Brady still doesn’t have a reliable back to throw check-down passes to

  13. Really excited to have Fournette back. He is clutch. In 7 playoff games he has close to 800 totals yards and 8 tds.

  14. Brady’s presence is the straw that is stirring the Bucs drink. All the guys realize what he brings to the table and they’re all on board for another run.

  15. yep plays well in spurts. when he looks like the old guy all over again it will not be shocking

    the swollen heads of the bucs fans is funny stuff.

  16. stogiesandfootball says:
    March 26, 2021 at 11:50 am
    If I were a fan of any other team than the Bucs, I wouldn’t even watch football next year. None of your teams have a chance now! Hahaha! Go Bucs!!!

    I’m a Lions fan. My team doesn’t have a chance anyway.

  17. The Bills should’ve pursued Fournette instead of Breida. He could’ve been the workhorse back ahead of Motor and Moss.

  18. It’s starting to get to the point where the money doesn’t matter anymore. Players are finding much greater satisfaction in being in playoff contention all season long and knowing they have a very good chance of winning it all. It’s going to be the new normal. I will be very interested to see if Tom Brady gets into coaching after he is done in the NFL. I know one thing for sure… he is a leader of men without a doubt. His teammates would crawl through glass for him.

  19. ariani1985 says:
    March 26, 2021 at 11:51 am
    Notice BB had no chance to get him! I sure did!


    Did you notice that BB got his guy a few days ago? That’s great that Tampa was able to resign their Plan B after White resigned in NE.

  20. Never thought they’d resign him or Godwin, but thought yes on all the rest but AB. Wow. Rarely has there been a bigger preseason Super Bowl favorite.

  21. Has nothing to do with playing for Brady you brainwashed sheep. Brady brought his salary cap cheating scheme to tampa to get these players paid more under the table through his TB12 foundation to make up the difference like he did every year in new england. If course Goodell won’t dare dream of investigating this like I’ve said numerous times. It is clear as day what is going on here

  22. Maybe there’s something going on with AB legally that the Bucs are aware of but we haven’t heard about yet. Hoping it’s nothing and the guy has turned his life around.

  23. The Bills should’ve pursued Fournette instead of Breida. He could’ve been the workhorse back ahead of Motor and Moss.

  24. I’m surprised they’ve been able to re-sign all their own players given how little cap space they had. Something tells me they are going all out this year to win another Super Bowl at the expense of the cap in future years. Hard to blame them if they do win another but if they don’t and TB leaves they’re going to have some serious salary cap issues in the following years.

  25. Ugh you Bucs fans are unbarablely cringey. Yeah you got the GOAT but not a dynasty. Having the worst winning percentage in the history of EEVVEEERRYY sport will do that to ya though. You better pray Brady plays til 50 not 45.

  26. Grudging respect to the Bucs here. Can’t blame them for trying to put the same band back together. That said, arguably they had a mediocre first half of the season last year before catching fire. If they do that again they may not be so fortunate, as they will not be sneaking up on anyone this year. One of the things the Pats seemed to do well during their SB runs was to bring in new pieces at value prices each year – the Bucs seem to be counting on the same exact cast as last year. Should be an exciting NFC South. WhoDat!

  27. They’re looking at 13-3 and the bye next year, as long as Brady stays upright. They don’t even need “AB” with Miller and Johnson behind Evan’s, Godwin, and the TE’s. It’s amazing to watch this. Coming from a NE fan… it wasn’t exactly like THIS. Top tier guys regularly were shown the door. Bucs have a great balance of young and vets and definitely have a great chance to repeat.

  28. Interesting item about winning percentage:

    Bucs are #11 in playoff winning percentage out of 32 NFL teams. Also, with another year like last year, they have a chance to climb to #3 overall.

    That’s where the rubber meets the road.

  29. He’s a true bull and the ultimate pass protector / checkdown option for brady. hes never trying to hit homeruns as a receiver just never drops it and never lets a sack through

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