Mackensie Alexander is returning to the Vikings

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Cornerback Mackensie Alexander is returning “home.”

Alexander’s agent, Neil Schwartz, announced Friday night on Twitter that Alexander has agreed to terms with the Vikings.

Alexander, 27, was one of the top remaining free agents on PFT’s top-100 list.

The Vikings selected Alexander in the second round of the 2016 draft. He spent his first four seasons in Minnesota before departing for the Bengals, who signed him to a one-year, $4 million deal.

Alexander played 13 games, including 10 starts, with the Bengals last season. He totaled 47 tackles, one interception and six pass breakups.

Alexander appeared in 55 games and started 10 with the Vikings, recording 103 tackles, two interceptions, 21 pass breakups and 4.5 sacks.

He served as the team’s nickel back his final two seasons in Minnesota and could resume that role this season.

The Vikings also signed Patrick Peterson in free agency and have Cameron Dantzler, Jeff Gladney and Mike Hughes at the position. Hughes’ future would appear to be uncertain with the corner upgrades.

The Vikings, though, would save only $1.177 million in cap space by moving on from Hughes, who has played only 24 games with seven starts in his three seasons.

30 responses to “Mackensie Alexander is returning to the Vikings

  1. Good news! Vikes should have a stout secondary especially with pierce,Tomlinson, and hunter added in.

  2. This is nice if you’re a Viking diehard like myself. However both K.C. Chiefs tackles are out there and from what I hear the Vikings freed up more cap space money than was first thought. We desperately need a left tackle and if at all possible pick one up and be free to draft a defensive end as there are three out there who would make a very good fit (hint-two played for the Miami Hurricanes).

  3. I hope Mike Zimmer can break his bad habit of breaking up passes. Zim needs to teach him to let the receiver catch the ball and then try to tackle him again like the rest of the Vikings corners.

  4. Always liked Mac and thought he played ok for both the Vikes and Bengals, particularly after he took to coaching his second year. Hughes’ recurring neck injury must be more permanent than previously let on, not that the Vikes have exactly been an open book in that area anyhow.

  5. Thought he was a fine Bengal and we will miss him appreciate his effort thru a difficult time in this young mans life. Best of luck in Minnesota 21

  6. Hughes may want to retire with his serious injury history. Another 1st round pick of this last 10 years possibly derailed by career threatening injuries: sharif Floyd, Teddy, now Hughes. Vikings have really bad luck.

  7. The upgrades in the secondary are nice to see but if you can’t get pressure on the QB the secondary doesn’t stand a chance no matter who you have back there. A great pass rush can make an average secondary really good.

  8. They defeated packers last year without Pierce, Hunter, Barr. All are back and now they g have Tomilsin , Patrick Peterson and Mackenzie Alexander,’

  9. Can’t say I’m a huge fan, but definitely another upgrade from what we’ve had. Even an average would be a welcome relief.

  10. This is great but unless he can play offensive guard or left tackle we have work to do yet.i was sorry to see him go but with money so tight I see us ignoring the o-line again simply because we can’t afford to sign players.

  11. You can tell Zimmer is still head coach, because there’s another new OC on the horizon. Maybe Dad can let Adam Zimmer be Defensive Coordinator all by himself soon.

  12. The Bengals I think signed to a 1 year deal last year, which they regretted. At least the money turned out not to be a huge loss due to the underperforming CB.

    Alexander was arrested last August. Not sure what went into all that, but whatever it was, it’s never good to have a battery on your record. The Bengals probably knew they made a mistake when they got news of that.

    I would have thought the Vikings would replace Anthony Harris. Perhaps Patrick Peterson can move to safety once it is obvious his days of playing on the outside are over. His speed is far from what it used to be, Patrick will be 31 in July.

    A bit of a mess. I wish all the players involved well. We will all pray for them.🙏

  13. Alexander and Peterson? The Vikings are desperate to stop Andy Dalton this year.

  14. johnnylarue says:
    March 27, 2021 at 9:11 am
    You can tell Zimmer is still head coach, because there’s another new OC on the horizon. Maybe Dad can let Adam Zimmer be Defensive Coordinator all by himself soon.
    Last year two Zimmers, Andre Patterson and Dom Capers all had thier hands in the defense and it was a wreck. So he fired Capers and brought in Guenther essentially recreating the too many cooks in the kitchen scenario.

  15. soisaystotheguyi says:
    March 27, 2021 at 9:55 am
    This may bump the Vikings from 5th to 4th place in the NFCN.


    So who’s in 5th place…in any division?

  16. Vikings have made some nice moves on defense, but need to find a way to upgrade their offensive line. With Pierce and Hunter back, with the addition of Tomlinson and adding another edge will make their defensive front a force (add in Barr as well). Please, please, please fix the offensive line!!!!

  17. Welcome back to World Class, Mac! World Class, defined here, means no Super Bowl appearances in 40+ years, a revolving door of offensive coordinators, 4 playoff appearances in the last 10 years, a QB who disappears in big games, and 2-6 against the Bears and Packers over the last two years. Lowering the bar to reach mediocrity is what World Class is all about!

  18. philmccracken says:
    March 27, 2021 at 10:44 am
    It seems a little premature to be giving up on Patrick Peterson already.

    Actually, if you were paying attention, you would understand this to be an indictment of Gladney more than anything else

  19. Jeez, I wish we could have signed him instead of “run right by me” King…..sigh

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