Marshon Lattimore allegedly had a stolen gun in his possession

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Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore has been arrested for receiving stolen property. The stolen property was a loaded gun.

Per multiple reports, Cleveland police say that Lattimore was found to have a loaded handgun in his possession, and that handgun was later determined to be stolen. He was arrested for failure to notify and for receiving stolen property.

The incident occurred during a traffic stop. Lattimore was a passenger in the vehicle.

Via Nick Underhill, two other passengers were arrested for “having weapons while under disability.” The driver also was arrested for improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle.

These facts make both the NFL’s Personal Conduct policy and its weapons policy relevant to Lattimore’s case.

31 responses to “Marshon Lattimore allegedly had a stolen gun in his possession

  1. You can’t shop at the gun store, or feed your family when you are barely getting by on an average of $3.8 million a year.

  2. Micky Loomis slowly pulls back the extension offer of 4 years, $18 million per year.

    It’s unbelievable that these guys don’t realize that these poor decisions cause them to loose many, many millions.

  3. Add into the mix that on March 17th, his $10M plus salary was fully guaranteed. So, the Saints can’t waive him without the Cap hit remaining as dead money. Not that they necessarily want to move on from him, but this case may develop into serious suspension time. What a mess.

  4. I don’t come close to making Marshon money, but can afford to purchase new, legal weapons.

  5. I doubt anything comes of it. Yes it was foolish but not something that will make headlines.

  6. Know your rights. As a passenger, why are you even talking to the police? They will take advantage of you everytime

  7. The Saints, under Payton and Loomis, have shown a thin tolerance for those who act like knuckleheads. They moved on from Junior Galette, Kenny Stills and Willie Snead while each arguably had substantial upside, for that reason. I suspect they will seek to trade Lattimore either before or after this season – trading him now at his peak (as they did with Jimmy Graham, who was never the same after he left the Saints) would seem to be called for.

  8. Yeah, nothing bad has ever happened with a car full of guys each of whom has a loaded gun.

  9. Well it shouldn’t matter ‘shall not be infringed’ implies if you stole a gun, no one can get it back off you because that would be infringing your right to it.

  10. @raiderapologist
    You don’t purchase a stolen gun for home defense and target practice.

  11. This was incredibly stupid. I’m sure he’ll get a good lawyer to get the charge reduced but I suspect he’ll get a hefty suspension. What in the world was he thinking? It doesn’t sound like these guys are people anyone would want to hang out with so why is an NFL player? #smh

  12. Were these guys off to the OK Corral? If not, What Lattimore did was really, really stupid.

  13. I don’t think some of you realize this is a felony with a likely prison sentence. There is basically only 1 reason to carry a loaded, unlicensed firearm.

  14. Good timimg Marshon. No one in this country is concerned about gun violence these days.

  15. Coming from a legal gun owner…Anyone with a stolen weapon either has it because they aren’t allowed to buy one themselves (felonies, disability, etc.) or they’re gonna use that weapon for an illegal purpose and want to make sure it’s untraceable. Throw the book at him, he gives gun owners a bad name.

  16. Louisiana is a pretty 2A friendly state, what purpose does it serve the buy an illegal firearm? He should be thanking his lucky stars he doesn’t play in SF or LA.

  17. “meanj0e says:
    March 26, 2021 at 2:22 pm
    I don’t think some of you realize this is a felony with a likely prison sentence. There is basically only 1 reason to carry a loaded, unlicensed firearm.”

    There’s a difference between unlicensed and stolen and depending on the state, not all states require you to register your guns. Such as the state of Florida. You do not have to register them but you do need a concealed carry permit to carry it. This was a stolen gun so he screwed up there for sure.

  18. Everybody in the car was armed? Maybe they were about to do a drive by on a nefarious agents home?

  19. Southpaw says:
    March 26, 2021 at 1:01 pm
    NFL players breaking laws, what’s new?

    The vast majority of NFL players don’t get into legal trouble. Of course the ones that do make the news, but that hardly justifies lumping all 2,000 players in with those who make bad choices.

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