Marshon Lattimore charged with fourth-degree felony

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Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore was arrested Thursday night in Cleveland on suspension of possessing a stolen handgun.

On Friday, Lattimore was charged with a fourth-degree felony of receiving a stolen firearm, NFL Media reports.

Lattimore waived his preliminary hearing, and his case bound over to the grand jury of the Cuyahoga County Court Common Pleas Court. His bond was set at $5,000 during Friday’s hearing, per NFL Media.

Lattimore was a passenger in a car stopped by police for “multiple traffic violations.” Two other passengers were arrested for having weapons while under disability. The driver was arrested for improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle and issued a citation for driving without working taillights.

The handgun in Lattimore’s possession was reported stolen by someone in Euclid, Ohio.

Lattimore’s attorney released a statement before Lattimore was charged, calling Lattimore’s arrest a “misunderstanding.”

Lattimore, 24, was a first-round choice of the Saints in 2017. He has made three Pro Bowls, including in 2020.

Lattimore is entering the final year of his rookie deal set to earn $10.244 million in 2021.

21 responses to “Marshon Lattimore charged with fourth-degree felony

  1. I remember when Goodell covered for the Jets Sheldon Richardson who was going 140 with a child in the car and had a loaded gun on the seat.

    Good times.

    He’ll probably let this one go, too.

  2. Folks with multi-million dollar annual salaries shouldn’t ever be involved in episodes like this. Insanity.

  3. Something about that report stands out to me. It’s obviously something that could just be bad maintenance, but, not having working tail lights is very useful if you want to roll up on a place without being noticed. Couple that with the stolen, hence, untraceable gun I find this a shady coincidence at the very least.

  4. It wont stick – but what a dumbass. Seems a little harsh for having stolen property tho

  5. He needs a veteran mentor to give him some perspective. He clearly doesn’t get it yet. I hope he gets it worked out.

  6. The old “non-working taillight” used as an excuse for probable cause to do a full search of all passengers… this is just as bad as a cop claiming ‘weaving in your lane’ and many others that are just an excuse to harass citizens. I wonder if the cop got a bonus for 3 arrests last night.

  7. Lawyer will get the it dropped to a fine. Many of you will want to bash him for being young and dumb. They difference between him and you is that he makes millions being young and dumb and you just wasted your life.

  8. Ahhh yes, the ol excuse by some people that they’re being harassed by cops. Everything is their fault and not your own. I’m gonna give you a friendly life tip guy – most outcomes in life, you own it. You own the outcome. Make bad decisions, and bad things happen. I know, life is hard

  9. 4th degree felony? What is that, exactly? Criminal conduct is either felony or misdemeanor (except for traffic citations). How many levels of felony conduct does Ohio have before it is charged as a misdemeanor? Seems odd.

  10. Do any of you even know someone who ever had a stolen gun? Yet it’s all good because he plays for your team. Get real … this tells you a lot about him.

  11. He’ll plead guilty to a misdemeanor but he’ll end up on probation for a couple years and will have to keep his nose clean will be the saving grace for him or his doom.

    Learn your lesson or go to jail.

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