Marshon Lattimore’s lawyer calls arrest “a misunderstanding”

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Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore was arrested on Thursday in Cleveland, but his attorney says there’s an innocent explanation.

“Mr. Lattimore, a proud Cleveland native with no prior criminal record or history, is fully cooperating with law enforcement’s investigation of this matter,” attorney Marcus Sidoti said in a statement. “He was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped by police and was arrested without incident and was not formally charged. We believe that this was a misunderstanding and that this will become even clearer as new information becomes available and is shared with the authorities.”

Cleveland police say that Lattimore had a loaded handgun in his possession, and that they determined the handgun was stolen. He was arrested for failure to notify and for receiving stolen property.

The 24-year-old Lattimore was the Saints’ first-round pick in the 2017 NFL draft and is a three-time Pro Bowler.

43 responses to “Marshon Lattimore’s lawyer calls arrest “a misunderstanding”

  1. Marshon Lattimore’s lawyer calls arrest “a misunderstanding”

    Aren’t they always…….

  2. I can see where like 4 dudes in a vehicle, all packing, could be construed as a “misunderstanding” In that vein, WW 2 was also a misunderstanding.

  3. “He was just exercising his 2nd amendment rights to possess a gun. He’s a high-profile millionaire NFL player. He needs a gun for protection. Whether the gun was stolen is just a matter of interpretation.”

  4. He should Go To Jail, it’s a felony to have a illegal stolen handgun, law applies to Everyone that’s Criminal Justice

  5. he misunderstood that in the great city of Cleveland even athletes have to play by the rules.

  6. Sine TMZ always has the details here is their report: but reports Lattimore was taken into custody by “Cleveland police’s gang investigators.” So there were 4 guns in the car with 4 people & somehow it was a misunderstanding that Lattimore had a loaded stolen gun in his possession. Grab some popcorn this should be fun. LOL.

  7. I’m certainly struggling to understand why he was rolling with felons and wielding a stolen weapon. Maybe his lawyer will shed some light.

  8. Oh ok, well I guess that settles it you guys! It’s all good brah, just a misunderstanding

  9. I’m sure the Fall Guy is working out his settlement and story with Mr Lattimore right now.

  10. Grease the police union with a charity donation and it’ll be swept under the rug.

  11. Marshon Lattimore’s lawyer calls arrest “a misunderstanding”

    OJ’s lawyer said the same thing…..

  12. Translation: Mr. Lattimore is taking Cris Carter’s advice and will be paying one of the other occupants of the vehicle to be the fall guy and claim the firearm was theirs.

  13. Ok, he’s just being an advocate for his client but I’m sorry doesn’t pass the smell test just to be a misunderstanding for me. A car full of guys all armed, and a pistol with an illegal history is not just forgetting you had your gun in a bag or you left ammo in a pocket where oh sorry shouldn’t have this here. If it is just a big misunderstanding as his attorney suggests allow me a change of wording. It’s reckless, not very smart, and illegal. His client may say my bad but that doesn’t mitigate the circumstances.

  14. Felony charges against him now says it was more than a misunderstanding, according to Law Enforcement & District Attorney.

  15. I can’t wait for the explanation of how it was a misunderstanding.

    “Someone planted the handgun on me without my knowledge and must’ve put my prints on it too because I haven’t touched it before”

  16. The “misunderstanding” is that Lattimore needs to pay the others in that vehicle to be his fall guy. He misunderstood that he should have been negotiating with one of them once the lights started flashing. Not to worry though, money cures all, nothing will happen at all to him.

  17. mackcarrington says:
    March 26, 2021 at 5:08 pm
    “He was just exercising his 2nd amendment rights to possess a gun. He’s a high-profile millionaire NFL player. He needs a gun for protection. Whether the gun was stolen is just a matter of interpretation.”
    Remember that when somebody takes something you own.

  18. I thought this was a NES gun controller.

    Thanks officers for letting me know it’s stolen.

  19. These stories are sad. Multi-millionaires who can’t escape their past and run with the wrong crowds. Aaron Hernandez knew something about that…

  20. Multi-millionaire paling around with felons that steal guns in a car with busted taillights? Is he 15?

  21. The entire Saints secondary are a bunch of petty, unsportsmanlike imb3ciles. Terrible example for kids that look up to them, they should be removed from the league permanently.

  22. Getting swept up by a “gang task force” means at the very least, they weren’t on the way back from the Greater Cleveland Rotary meeting.

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