Report: 49ers did not have trade talks with Jets for No. 2

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The 49ers hold the No. 3 pick in the draft after Friday’s trade with the Dolphins and a move further up the board reportedly wasn’t a topic of conversation.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the 49ers spoke to the Falcons and Bengals, who have the fourth and fifth picks, before making the swap with Miami. He also reports that there were no talks with the Jets.

Left unsaid is whether the 49ers tried to initiate talks with the Jets that didn’t progress beyond that inquiry. If that’s the case, it would reinforce the idea that the Jets are taking a quarterback with that pick.

The identity of that quarterback would figure to be of interest to the 49ers as it seems likely that they gave up two future first-round picks, the No. 12 pick this year, and a third-round pick to position themselves to take one as well.

9 responses to “Report: 49ers did not have trade talks with Jets for No. 2

  1. The type of deal that Jets roster desperately needed too. Now they’ll end up taking the wrong QB at 2 and 49ers will find the next big thing at 3

  2. If the jets are going with Darnold and not taking a QB then they are fools not to trade down. The 49ers are telegraphing a QB which means you have to jump them to get the QB you want.

  3. With the pending lawsuits with Watson hanging over his head, the only QB worth trading for would be Wilson….and Seattle already turned down a whole lot more than the 49ers gave to move to #3. And Seattle would never trade Wilson to the Niners.

    Plus the QB that the Ninersget at #3 will be on a low-cost rookie contract.

  4. Frisco was talking to the Bengals and Falcons because neither team would likely draft a QB that high. That in turn means Lynch or Shanahan does not want to pay too steep a price for the chance at one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. When the asking price was apparently too steep, they talked to the Dolphins instead, because they too would be unlikely to draft a QB. That means Frisco is satisfied with whoever is available when they pick #3. They have seen how the team performed when Jimmy G. is injured and the results are just unacceptable. They want a better backup QB than CJ Beathard and Nick Mullens. They are not sure that Josh Rosen can do the job either. They have also looked at Joe Flacco but he was not the answer either. Of course, to some people this move means that Jimmy G. is toast. Far from it. No team has ever won a Super Bowl or even gone to one with a rookie QB. Patrick Mahomes did not get his team into the Super Bowl until his third season. Therefore Frisco will keep Jimmy G. and hope that he can win it. If he does win the Super Bowl, then he is unlikely to go anywhere after 2021. If he cannot even get the team into the playoffs, then he may not have a tuture in Frisco. No one knows what will happen in the future. Anyone who tells you that he/she knows is trying to sucker you into buying the Golden Gate Bridge.

  5. Do the 49ers know that the Jets aren’t going to take a quarterback at number 2?

  6. Someone is going to take Zach Wilson at 2..The 49ers like one of the other 3.I think Joe Douglas wants his own QB with the inexpensive rookie window..he also believes in if someone makes him an offer he can’t refuse he’ll trade down and stick with Darnold..the Hets aren’t going to go 15-2 this year ..they can draft a qb next year(they would have the draft capital to move up

  7. Jets will take Wilson at #2 and keep Darnold hoping he plays well while Wilson gets ready to be the starter. Darnold has huge incentive to play well. If the Jets get zip for him so what? If they don’t trade him by the draft, you know their phone will wring the first time a starter goes down whether it is preseason or after the season starts.

    Don’t believe for a second the 49ers didn’t reach out to the Jets for the second pick. Douglas is smart.He asked a price that would have shocked him if San Francisco had paid it. Good thing they didn’t.

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