Tony Buzbee claims four more cases have been filed against Deshaun Watson

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The number of lawsuits against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has now reached 20.

After three days of relative quiet in connection with the controversy arising from allegations that Watson committed misconduct while receiving massages, attorney Tony Buzbee has announced on social media that the total number of claims has increased by four, from 16.

“Today we filed case number twenty against Deshaun Watson,” Buzbee said on Friday night. “Voices will be heard. These cases will be resolved in court.”

Buzbee’s declaration implies that any efforts to resolve these claims will be rejected, and that all 20 cases will proceed to trial.

Via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, the four new cases have not yet been posted on the Harris County court’s website. Buzbee has said that he and his firm ultimately may file at least 24 cases.

Watson has denied wrongdoing, both directly and through his lawyer, Rusty Hardin.

43 responses to “Tony Buzbee claims four more cases have been filed against Deshaun Watson

  1. Did this lawyer put out an ad in the local newspaper?? Where are all these women coming from? Where were they before? So there are over 20 women and not one police report? C’mon!

  2. Look I don’t know anything….but as a neutral observer 20 cases makes it seem more real. How do you defend against 20 people saying you did something without a doubt. How do you defend using 20+ different masseuses? I would think if I got a really good massage and was an NFL QB I would keep that person close. No idea how this will all turn out but it’s a sad time for football

  3. So it’s 20 now – possibly on its way to 24. I don’t know the level of guilt or innocence? This is a mess!

  4. Buzzbee might regret not wanting to settle. Unless there’s ammo that we haven’t heard of yet. I haven’t read anything of wrong doing besides “maybe” soliciting prostitution, and that would also make the alleged victims liable as well..I agree with Mr Florio and that to stop the leak in the damn he should settle these suits Guilty or not and take a small suspension. Then move on.

  5. Whether Watson is guilty or not, Mr. Buzbee is milking the publicity machine for all it’s worth. The man does not have to pay to advertise. The media is doing it for him, for FREE.

  6. So much for the leverage Deshaun Watson had in February … boy, if this is true , which it likely isn’t, he’ll wish he just signed and went along with it. …
    this is the worst strong arm tactic I’ve ever seen.

  7. Something doesn’t feel right. Not defending Watson, but all these women piling on and the way this attorney is handling it just seems off.

  8. It’s all civil cases. Anyone can sue YOU tomorrow if they want to in civil court…Anyone! Remember that

  9. Why do people think good masseuses are hard to come by? I get massages all the time all over the place, never the same masseuse – having many masseuses doesn’t make you guilty, or even suspicious, of anything… they’re a dime a dozen

  10. So let’s be frank here, seems highly unlikely that Watson was looking for a massage and maybe he was looking for something else. Seems nearly impossible to justify visiting 20 different providers for a massage specially if you are a high paid athlete worth millions of dollars. Now, realistically, we may never know what really happened between Watson and each one of these girls, but we need to understand that most likely neither of them went to the police due to the nature of the job that they do, and also because they were confronting a multi-millonaire that happened to be a hero in the city. Whatever the outcome, this is a total mess.

  11. Houston we have a problemWhatever he did or didn’t do to these women..he is a serial something..he has SOMETHING wrong with him!

  12. He’s obviously guilty of one thing without a doubt, and that is the fact he’s addicted to massages, and this need to meet some of them in hotel rooms isn’t helping him in the least. As the number of accusers climbs it gets harder and harder to convince a jury that every single one of them is lying.

  13. I remember Buzbee saying he doesn’t know the owner and etc but he had a civilsuit vs Mario Williams way back. It’s kind of hard to believe the guy but this count is getting ridiculous.

  14. Don’t sports teams give their athletes free therapeutic massages? Why would they go elsewhere and spend money getting what they can get for free inside the locker room?

  15. Athletes cry because they want more money but then turn around and cost themselves millions in lawyer fees, fines and child support.

  16. Why is it so many do not believe their may be something to this, blinded because they are an athlete. One athlete the comments are guilty as charged and are the worst person in the world and then others no way. Reality we have witnessed to many times these athletes have the self important , self entitled above accountability make up. Seems they never learn do not put yourselves in these situations.

  17. The elephant in the room is why none of this is reported to the police. Things look bad for Watson and the more people who come forth the harder it is to believe there isn’t something to it. But why no police? Why no criminal investigation? Why no charges? It seems the police have had NO reports of a crime by a victim. Just a big civil suit that money will end one way or the other. Guilty he pays, innocent he pays to end it. But no criminal case? If I was stupid enough to assault 20 women the police would be hot on my trail.

  18. My question is whether the NFL even asks for his phone. Maybe they would feel obligated to turn over information to the police with what they find.
    The other question I have is regarding it being reported that the Texans and teammates recommended some of these masseuses. I bet some other people are a bit nervous about a trial.

  19. By all accounts Watson is a nice guy and “smart” whatever benchmark that is. Therefore, doesn’t he know he has a huge target on him and trolling for massages on Instagram is extremely risky behavior?

    I’m not in Watson’s stratoshere but I have enough to maintain an umbrella policy, a family attorney, and do everything in my power to make sure I never put myself in a position that I have to shovel money at a problem to make it go away.

  20. I believe he now has ZERO trade value. Their is no way a long suspension can be avoided. The shield has been tarnished.

  21. Look on the bright side, he hasn’t had time to complain about the Texans being a mess–he’s too busy dealing with his own mess. Come to think of it, Watson and the Texans are a perfect fit.

  22. melikefootball says:
    March 27, 2021 at 9:43 am
    “…………………… Reality we have witnessed to many times these athletes have the self important , self entitled above accountability make up. ”

    Each athlete is an individual and no two are exactly the same. Yes many athletes are as you have said. Many are not. We can’t lump them all into a heros or zeros category because there is good and bad in each of us. While we know who he is as an athlete, we can’t tell yet who he is as a person but this case will go a long way to show us. But don’t prejudge him based on his occupation.

  23. As a Steelers fan I would roll the dice and take him if the $$$ was right. Let the NFL suspend him this year have Ben finish out the year, and next year we have our new starter.

    As for all these allegations against him, I see it like this. The more people pile on the more ridiculous and outlandish it seems. I think it works in his favor.

  24. if I were the Browns, I would trade Mayfield for Watson in a heartbeat. Mayfield will always be a mediocre to below average NFL QB. Watson is a great QB. He will not be suspended, if at all, forever. Here’s a stat at how bad Mayfield is. In games the Browns rushed more than they passed, they were 9-0. In games, where Stefanski, foolishly had Mayfield pass more than they ran, they were 3-6, and 2 of the 3 wins were vs the Bengals in Cincy and at the Giants, who had a combined record of 10-21-1.

    Gimme Watson all day long

  25. @Jake1057 They likely found most of them on Instagram, perhaps even looking at Deshaun’s account to find out what he liked or who he was in contact with.

  26. It’s going to be interesting to see if Watson dig up any other clients that used the same massage therapists. That seems to be a possibility given the statement issued by Watson’s lawyer alleging incidents were consensual. All it takes are a few other clients alleging that the massage therapists had consensual encounters with them or maybe that said therapists propositioned them to make the case impossible resolve. If DeShaun Watson did sexually assault the women he should go to prison, but even if he had consensual encounters that he laid for, he will be forever tarnished.

  27. ragnarthegreat says:
    March 27, 2021 at 9:53 am

    The elephant in the room is why none of this is reported to the police.

    If I was stupid enough to assault 20 women the police would be hot on my trail.


    That is no kind of “elephant in the room” if you have any understanding of how power, abuse, influence, and control work, let alone how they affect the criminal justice system.

    One of the allegations paints a pretty clear picture of Watson using a barely-veiled threat to encourage the woman to keep quiet. It’s pretty much standard procedure for abusers.

    As for you – you’re just a guy, with no power, like the rest of us. There’d be no reason for those 20 women to not turn you in. But a powerful, famous person beloved by the community and with credibility that would demolish a single witness? Really easy to see why someone wouldn’t go to the police. Sounds like the situations where this happened were ambiguous by design, you have a famous celebrity threatening you, and you’re just a regular person. It’s totally understandable.

    I don’t know whether he did any of the things he’s accused of. But there is nothing about how this has played out that is not readily understandable.

  28. Sorry, but saying these women didn’t come forward because Watson is rich and powerful is LAME. Plenty of rich and powerful people have been brought down because of stuff like this. If you don’t believe that you haven’t been paying attention lately.
    As for this case it’s highly suspect that not one, not one police report was filed. The more women that jump on aboard makes it even more fishy that not ONE of them ever went to the law, unless maybe say craig’s list has a place in there somewhere. One thing that doesn’t matter here is if it’s true or not, Watson has lost. If someone cut a big gigantic check, I bet this would go away just as quick as it appeared. Watson is in a no win situation.

  29. I dont understand how a franchise qb does not have 1 go to personal masseuse or use a team masseuse? Why is he looking for masseuse on the internet? I’m sure his teammates use masseuses and could reccomend one. He must have a fetish for masseuses. Just doesn’t make sense.

  30. Would anyone be shocked if this Buzbee character eventually showed up on the Texans payroll in come capacity? At least then it would be official.

  31. maxamili says:
    March 27, 2021 at 12:11 am
    Watson is in deep trouble

    343 41 Rate This

    Yes, deep tissue.

  32. Paying for sex is legal in some states, illegal in others. Sexual assault is not legal in any state. If Watson contacted these women ahead of time and said he was looking for something more than just a massage, they would have said no. They weren’t interested. If they said that, and Deshaun showed up at their work place, they’d have called the police. The fact that he solicited something extra, was invited over, had that something extra performed, and no calls to police, seems more like consensual prostitution than sexual assault. Depending on the state you’re in, that would be illegal, but it’s a complete and total lie to call it sexual assault. It’s an attempt to extort money. I’d like to see the legal agreement between these women and Buzbee. I’d like to know what percentage of the extorted money he’s taking from all these “abused” women.

  33. The fact there’s now 20 makes me less convinced rather than more.

    So now there are 20 women sexually assaulted who decided not to press charges???

    Something fishy.

  34. This feels like a clown car you think they are done then another 2 or 3 come out.

  35. wintercoates87 says:
    March 27, 2021 at 6:22 pm

    Sorry, but saying these women didn’t come forward because Watson is rich and powerful is LAME. Plenty of rich and powerful people have been brought down because of stuff like this. If you don’t believe that you haven’t been paying attention lately.

    Not paying attention? And how many of those cases were there multiple victims and those sexual crimes happened for years, sometimes decades before one even woman stepped up and said something and then the dam broke and there were many, many more women? Almost everyone of them and most of those women waited a lot longer than in this case. It’s actually really common for it to happen that way in the #MeToo era we’re in one woman steps up and then the dam breaks!

    So who is it that hasn’t been paying attention?

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