Which quarterback(s) are the 49ers targeting at No. 3?

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With the 49ers moving up to No. 3 in the draft and with an immediate consensus/belief that they’re doing so only for a quarterback, the question becomes which quarterback do they want?

With Trevor Lawrence most likely going to the Jaguars and the Jets possibly taking BYU’s Zach Wilson after that, the 49ers necessarily have to be content to take whichever quarterback remains after those two.

So who do they want? Chris Simms of PFT Live and NBC, a close friend of 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan, believes it’s Alabama’s Mac Jones. Others are suggesting North Dakota State’s Trey Lance or Ohio State’s Justin Fields.

Whoever it is, the 49ers wouldn’t move up to the third spot unless they are happy to get whoever will be there. It’s no different than what the Jets did in 2018, moving up to No. 3 with designs on a quarterback and having at least three quarterbacks they’d take.

For the 49ers, they need to be ready to take Lawrence, Wilson, and someone else. Time will tell who the someone else is.

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  1. In a draft like this with minimal player interaction, a partial college season and the least available player scouting in 30 years it’s hard to fathom trading 3 first rounders on any player, least of all the riskiest and most important position on the field.

  2. Trevor going #1 to Jax

    Zach Wilson, the Jets love, and will go #2

    The 49ers aren’t dumb enough to touch Justin Fields. Mac Jones is a bust. Trey Lance is the pick at #3.

  3. It’s Trey Lance with Jimmy G headed back to New England, and the Jimmy G move will end up being the biggest coup this decade as he’ll remain healthy, and win a Superbowl with Belichick… BANK ON IT

  4. Please don’t be Justin Fields… I don’t want to see my Seahawks go against him twice a year. That kid had a lights out 2019 season and could be a monster in the NFL.

  5. Trey Lance makes the most sense. While he certainly has questions like all of the other guys, his physical tools are a lot better than Fields or Jones. His production at NDSU is insane.

    That said, it could be any of them. You never know which one they’ve fell in love with.

  6. This is a move that gets everybody fired or wins multiple Super Bowls. I know where I got my money.

  7. Highest ceiling is Trey Lance assuming they’re sitting him behind Jimmy G for a year. Fields is tempting but he’s also 2 years older than Lance with similar experience.

  8. Justin Fields will just be another Ohio State QB. Dominates in college – disappears in the pros.

  9. The Jets traded three #2s to move up to the third spot. That’s a lot different than three #1s.

  10. “”a close friend of 49ers quarterback Kyle Shanahan””

    Well, if they have Shanny playing QB, just about anyone would be an improvement.

  11. PFT, please put up a caculator on the side, on this subject?. There seems be ‘bad math’ of 3 #1’s given up by SF – for it’s 2 (2022),(2023)…on this 2021 Draft they just swapped First Roud positons.

  12. Which QB? That’s not the question. The right question is “how much will the 49rs spend to NOT have Jimmy G be QB” We found the answer. Who it will be is best answered by “a rookie, whomever, that allows us to not have to start Jimmy G”

  13. Either they have inside information (Robert Saleh) on what the Jets are doing or they have 2 in mind. They’re probably sold on either Lance or Fields, possibly Wilson.

  14. They traded two 1sts and one 3rd. The other 1st was a swap (12 for 3). I wish those reporting the deal could this get part right as they phrase it as if SF gave up three additional 1sts. There is no in between, this move will either result in SF being contenders for the foreseeable future or Shanny and Lynch will be unemployed within 3 years.

  15. descendency says:
    March 26, 2021 at 3:52 pm
    “his physical tools are a lot better than Fields or Jones. His production at NDSU is insane.

    That said, it could be any of them. You never know which one they’ve fell in love with.”


    That sounds so wrong. (Ok, it’s Friday, sorry).

  16. This only works if SF picks Wilson or Lance.
    I agree with the others. Fields has bust written all over him. Same with the Bama QB
    The risk is very high.

    No. 1 – Joe Burrow (2020)
    No. 1 – Kyler Murray (2019)
    No. 1 – Baker Mayfield (2018)
    No. 3 – Sam Darnold (2018)
    No. 2 – Mitch Trubisky (2017)
    No. 1 – Jared Goff (2016)
    No. 2 – Carson Wentz (2016)
    No. 1 – Jameis Winston (2015)
    No. 2 – Marcus Mariota (2015)
    No. 3 – Blake Bortles (2014)
    No. 1 – Andrew Luck (2012)
    No. 2 – Robert Griffin III (2012)
    No. 1 – Cam Newton (2011)

  17. This will work out great, I mean, look how well it turned out for the Jets!!!

  18. Did anyone see D. Jeremiah disgusting pom pom gushing over Wilson yesterday so many
    things he says nowadays make no sense like it doesn’t matter how low level his competition
    Jones has 3rd rd talent he is a career backup very similar to AJ McCarron .

  19. “This will work out great, I mean, look how well it turned out for the Jets!!!”

    It’s the Jets. They haven’t been able to pick a good QB since Namath.

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