Zach Wilson on Jets: They’ve got a good thing going Boca Raton Bowl - BYU v Central Florida
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Just before Zach Wilson took the field to throw at BYU’s Pro Day, word broke of a trade between the 49ers and Dolphins involving the third overall pick in the draft.

The 49ers traded the 12th pick and two more first rounders to move up for what most people believe will be a quarterback. Given the fact that the Jets have the No. 2 pick and getting to that spot would guarantee the 49ers their choice on non-Trevor Lawrence quarterbacks, it’s reasonable to think they called the Jets before agreeing to the Dolphins deal.

It is also reasonable to think that the Jets would have taken that deal if they were going to pass on a quarterback at No. 2, so the way things played out certainly point to the Jets taking a quarterback. Wilson is generally thought to be the second best one in this draft class and Jets General Manager Joe Douglas was in Provo to check him out on Friday.

After the workout, Wilson said he’ll be happy to go anywhere in the NFL and had some positive things to say about the Jets and Douglas.

“Great staff. Love those guys. Joe Douglas is a great guy. It was good to see him out here. They’ve got a good thing going,” Wilson said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY.

The Jets didn’t have too much going well when they went 2-14 in 2020, but they’ve hired a new head coach in Robert Saleh and made some moves to address weaknesses in free agency. We’ll know in about a month if Wilson is the next part of the plan to bring better results in the future.

3 responses to “Zach Wilson on Jets: They’ve got a good thing going

  1. I woud’ve liked to see darnold go back at it with decent support. But I’m glad I don’t have to decide and the way the contract deals are set up it seems like it pays to ‘reset’ and go back to paying on a rookie contract

  2. good move for Frisco, because the quarterback position is getting very expensive for non-rookies. Jimmy G.’s contract runs though 2022, which means they may have to either franchise tag him, pay him about $40 mil a year on a long term deal, or allow him to walk. None of these options may be palatable if they need a quarterback who can contend for the Super Bowl. Having a good backup who may step in while getting paid a rookie’s salary is key to be able to stockpile the team with talent for a Super Bowl run. If Jimmy G can win a Super Bowl or two during the next 2 seasons, then he may well be extended at market price. If not, they will be prepared for a change.

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