Zach Wilson working out for teams at BYU Pro Day Friday Boca Raton Bowl - BYU v Central Florida
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There has been plenty of speculation about what the Jets will do with the second overall pick next month and the team will be gathering some information crucial to their decision on Friday.

Jets General Manager Joe Douglas will be at BYU’s campus in Provo, Utah to check out quarterback Zach Wilson‘s Pro Day workout. Word has been that the Jets want to fully evaluate all of the top quarterback prospects before making a call on what to do at No. 2.

After Wilson works out, Justin Fields will be the only one of the leading prospects left to work out. Ohio State’s Pro Day is on Tuesday and the team can have video interviews with Fields, Wilson, and others leading up to the draft, but private workouts are not allowed this year.

Other teams will be checking out Wilson and Fields as well and one of them could try to come up with a trade package that entices the Jets to move down. Calls about a trade could also involve Sam Darnold when and if the Jets decide that they’re starting fresh with another quarterback.

All of those decisions will come in the coming weeks and Friday’s workout will be a big step toward making them.

16 responses to “Zach Wilson working out for teams at BYU Pro Day Friday

  1. Fascinating debate between the two. The can’t miss high school prospect that had a really good career at Ohio State versus the breakout star. Do you go with momentum or with the name everyone expected to be there. I’m a way reminds me of last year with Burrow coming out of nowhere while Tua and Herbert had a lot of hype their entire collegiate careers.

  2. Hmm, fully evaluating the guys at the core of the biggest decision this franchise and GM will make. Good idea! I think he’s a Jet, and I hope that’s what takes place. If he’s literally half as good as Chris Simms says he is, with the Shanahan system and some better players I think he could really be something. We’ll find out soon enough

  3. It’s a QB driven league. Wilson will be drafted very high, and he looks the part. But it’s hard to overlook the fact that he’s a bit of a one year wonder whose only moderately tough game this year was Coastal Carolina, and he didn’t look particularly good in it. It’ll be interesting to see how he pans out.

  4. Jets gonna go J-E-T-S, jets jets jets and screw this up like the —well JETS…Sign Raider fan.

  5. Wilson is good QB and is worthy of the #2 pick but people are galaxy braining if they think that it won’t be Fields. Stop overthinking it. There will be a correction on their respective values over the next couple weeks.

  6. Fields isn’t a 1st round prospect so there is no need to trade down for him.

  7. Because Urban knows Fields is better, and if he didn’t want Lawrence, he’d be taking Justin.

  8. I agree with Chris Simms. Lawrence is a sure-fire bet. But last year, Wilson looked like the better QB. The heard mentality will bring criticism on that opinion, though.

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