Bruce Arians promises a grueling training camp

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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For many Super Bowl champions, complacency can become a problem. Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians is determined to not let that happen to the Super Bowl LV champions.

“When our guys come back, and that’s my job, I’m going to beat the sh-t out of them,” Arians told The Loose Cannons on Friday night, via “We’re going back to basics and we’re going to have one hell of a training camp and know what our foundation is.”

Even without the players having the sh-t beat out of them, the Bucs are well positioned to avoid complacency. Quarterback Tom Brady won’t allow it.

The Buccaneers have managed to bring back seven of eight key free agents, and they potentially could end up adding some veterans who’d like to chase a championship for a below-market payday.

While no one has won back-to-back Super Bowls since the Patriots in 2003-04, the Bucs are as well positioned as any have been to do it. Arians is determined to ensure that, if they fail, it won’t be a result of players being fat, happy, and satisfied.

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  1. I think Brady’s going to chase his final ring AND an undefeated season. I also think that’s either in the front or the back of the mind of the free agents who decided to stay in Tampa when most of them could have made more money elsewhere. Frankly, I’d like to see this happen because it really would be historical and great fun to watch it unfold over the course of this coming season.

  2. I’m betting they get beat by week 5 or 6. That will help refocus them from the complacency built up from the Human Nature of being told how great they are & expectations of repeating.

  3. This is an old team, they probably did so well last year because there wasn’t an off-season, now he wants to kill them in the summer?

  4. I trust Arians judgement with this team. It’s pretty much the same crew he had last year and knows exactly what buttons to push.

  5. Every great season that ends with a Superbowl win has its moments where things just fell a teams way, and those lucky breaks helped that team achieve the ultimate goal. That’s why repeating is so hard you have to have the stars align for a second straight season, and that’s next to impossible which is why I don’t see the Bucs pulling it off. I also don’t see Brady making it thru this year without an injury. Father time is undefeated for a reason, and this year is the year, and this is the first year I’m making this prediction. I’m a Brady fan, but the run is over he should have done the mic drop last year

  6. Probably not such great idea to decide to go “old school” with such a veteran team. As others have pointed out, they probably did as well as they did last season because they DIDN’T get beat up with training camp & pre-season games. You would think Arians would want to stick as close to that formula as possible.
    Got a feeling he’s going to outsmart himself on this one.

  7. And just think the Browns said no to Arians and Brady for Mayfield and Stefanski. BA HA HA. Arians came out and announced he wanted the Browns job. Browns are not a smart franchise

  8. HS wrestling practice in the 80’s in my HS: Grueling means 2-3 hour practice with NO water and 10 vomit buckets set up around the wrestling room….every practice, even when the season was almost over.

  9. Beating them up MENTALLY, as far film study and schemes, I could agree with. Beating up physically on a veteran team, with a 17 game regular season, not so much. There’s already a very good chance that they’re going to better than they were last season, especially at the beginning of the season, so why mess with it? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Being a hardass just for the sake of it doesn’t make much sense. Keep your players fresh for the season and, hopefully, an extended playoff run.

  10. You don’t beat millionaire players up in training camp. I’M CALLING B.S.

  11. Have to love it when a 68 year old man whose stomach sticks out further than his chest talks about how grueling he is going to make something.

  12. No way Bucs are going undefeated. Say they even got to 12-0 and next week locked up the #1 seed throughout the playoffs. There is no way the starters play any meaningful minutes the rest of the regular season.

  13. Christopher Allan says:
    March 27, 2021 at 5:21 pm
    Have to love it when a 68 year old man whose stomach sticks out further than his chest talks about how grueling he is going to make something.

    Chris….gotta believe that at some point in his life Bruce experienced hell in practice. He likely lived it already.

  14. Cool story: Bruce played college ball at Virginia Tech and was the first white player at VT to share a dorm room with a black player. His roommate was James Barber, who was the father of Ronde and Tiki Barber.

  15. Tampa will get everyone’s best shot this season so I expect them to be limping towards the finish. That’s why it’s very difficult to repeat.

  16. This shows how nobody outside of Tampa Bay fans watch’s or follows the Bucs. Everyone thinks this is an older veteran team who needs to be rested. Please note that on the defense in the Super Bowl, most of the starters were drafted by the Bucs in just the past 3years, to include all 4 d-backs, Vea and D White. On offense, Wirfs is a rookie. Fournette, Rojo, Godwin, Scooter Miller, Stinnie (SB starting R guard picked up on waivers in November) are all on rookie contracts. This is a very young team with veterans in key positions.

  17. Les Steckel will be joining the coaching staff and will be running camp this summer.

  18. bridleoaksbuc says:
    March 27, 2021 at 6:15 pm
    This shows how nobody outside of Tampa Bay fans watch’s or follows the Bucs.
    You’re missing the big picture here. Legions of Patriots fans are still following a couple of our favorite players – Brady and Gronk.

  19. You’re missing the big picture…..

    BA wasn’t sending a message to TB, Gronk or the other vets. This staff knows what buttons to push for this team. For example, JPP didn’t practice the entire 2nd half of the season to keep his knees fresh for game time.
    To Patriots Nation…TB and Gronk are in good hands!

  20. TB is blessed to have division opponents who suck, much like he did with the Pats. They may win the division but they won’t even make it to the NFCCG.

  21. Brady will decide what they need and Brady will provide it. Arians and the gm are figure heads Brady is in charge.

  22. I may be the rare Chiefs fan that doesn’t hold a single grudge against them, for a few reasons.

    1. KC beat themselves
    2. Set up for the long haul regardless
    3. Line is already 70% fixed

    If for whatever reason the Chiefs don’t make it to the Super Bowl this year, we’re watching a living legend in Brady still operate. Enjoy it while you still can, folks.

  23. Repeating as Super Bowl champs is very hard, just ask TB12. I see them playing very well because of a regular offseason with training camp. Time will tell if they are going to reapeat.

  24. This guy is cringe inducing and fake tough. Wins a super bowl with Tom Brady, gronk and the pro bowl offense and a top tier defense and is more full of himself than ever now.

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