Early run on quarterbacks should be good news for Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Football Team
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The 49ers trading up for the third overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft makes it a lock that the first three players selected will be quarterbacks. And the Falcons aren’t ruling out a quarterback at No. 4. And that’s good news for the Bengals.

Having selected quarterback Joe Burrow first overall last year, the Bengals at No. 5 are the highest team in this year’s draft that won’t take a quarterback in the first round. So the Bengals may get the best non-quarterback in this year’s draft.

For a team that needs to build an offense around Burrow, that’s very good news.

Oregon offensive tackle Penei Sewell is an obvious option for the Bengals, who need to improve the protection in front of Burrow. Cincinnati signed 32-year-old veteran offensive tackle Riley Reiff in free agency, but what the Bengals really need is to build a line that can protect Burrow for many years to come. Sewell is an outstanding prospect who could end up being the left tackle protecting Burrow for a decade.

If they don’t go with Sewell, Florida tight end Kyle Pitts looks like the most talented skill position player in this year’s draft. Tight ends don’t often go in the Top 5 of the draft, but Pitts isn’t like most tight ends. He’s basically a playmaking wide receiver who happens to be 6-foot-6 and 240 pounds.

The other option could be LSU wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase. In 2019, when Burrow won the Heisman Trophy, Chase was his favorite receiver, catching 84 passes for 1,780 yards and 20 touchdowns and winning the Biletnikoff Award as the best wide receiver in college football. Pairing Burrow and Chase again would be an excellent option for the Bengals.

Cincinnati has so many needs that trading down from No. 5 shouldn’t be ruled out, either. But the most likely choice of the Bengals is a big-time offensive teammate for Burrow.

17 responses to “Early run on quarterbacks should be good news for Bengals

  1. We will not draft Pitts. A TE needs to be able to block. If it’s not Sewell/Slater, it will be Chase.

  2. Just a guess here, but I doubt that the Bengals will trade down. They’re a conservative organization; they don’t wheel and deal very much. Besides that, teams generally part with a top pick only if they get a king’s ransom, and after the first four QBs are off the board, I doubt that anyone will be offering a king’s ransom for #5.

  3. Both Chase and Sewell make perfect sense. Problem is what good is a weapon at WR if you don’t have time to throw the ball? Maybe get Chase then trade back into round one and take the best remaining tackle?

  4. Fortunately Cincinnati has their franchise QB….unfortunately the verdict is still out on their head coach Zac Taylor.

  5. Please don’t give up king’s ransom for non quarterbacks?

    Isn’t that what Atlanta did for Julio?

  6. The play should be dealing back a time or two and turning pick #5 into 4 or 5 picks in the first 4 rounds in addition to their own picks in rounds 2-4.

  7. Fortunately Cincinnati has their franchise QB….unfortunately the verdict is still out on their head coach Zac Taylor.

    Even more unfortunate is that their owner is a cheapskate and totally clueless. Too bad they can’t fire the owners.

  8. If the Bengals are smart they’ll draft Sewell at 5 . They need to have an offensive line heavy draft.

  9. We are talking the Bengals. My money’s on them drafting a running back, or maybe a kicker.

  10. If they could trade down just enough to get the second-best OL and pick up something that would allow them to get a legit starting WR2, TE or another OL, then it seems worth trading down.

    But the things they need most – OL, WR, blocking TE – are at high premiums this time around. They won’t get any of those guys at their luxury. If anything, they may want to keep #5 and then trade up into late in the 1st to grab someone else.

  11. On the last 5 years the Bengals have picked offensive linemen three times in the first round two of the three were busts and the verdict is still out on Jonah Williams. Go with Chase

  12. Sewell is tempting but Chase is the sexy pick here. This is one where they will look back several years from now and possibly second-guess themselves.
    Pairing him with someone that he had a lot of success with sounds like an amazing option. It’s hard to pass up on a generational LT though.
    It will be a tough decision.

  13. As much as I want offensive line in the 1st round, the idea of having chase reunited with burrow seems too good to pass up. Bengals have a tough choice to make.

  14. Not sure I would call Sewell a “Generational” talent. The offensive line prospects in the second round are also pretty darned good ones. Chase is a superstar that’s proved he’s a superstar. It’s icing on the cake that Burrow was his last QB and would be again for the future. I don’t doubt Sewell will be good but think about Chase 1st, Leatherwood 2nd, and another in the the 3rd for the line. This is a stacked draft for OL

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