Deion Jones reworks contract with Falcons

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Falcons linebacker Deion Jones has joined the long list of players around the league that have reworked their contracts to provide cap space to teams this offseason.

Jones’ agent Drew Rosenhaus told ESPN that his client is deferring $4 million of his $8.2 million base salary for the 2021 season until the 2022 season. That payment is fully guaranteed and will be made as a roster bonus next March.

As part of the agreement, the team will also guarantee Jones’ 2022 salary of $9.64 million.

Quarterback Matt Ryan and defensive lineman Tyeler Davison also reworked their contracts with the team this month. Neither of those deals involved deferring salary as Ryan converted salary into a signing bonus and Davison agreed to a pay cut.

4 responses to “Deion Jones reworks contract with Falcons

  1. So they reworked contracts after the free agency period to get players they needed to make an impact? For what? They were a bad team last year,and need a lot of help. It’s too late to get it now! Whew!

  2. Lot of “reworking” of contracts in the NFC.

    This is not good for those who think it doesn’t matter.

  3. ATL should just cut or trade Matt Ryan. The Falcons are so utterly broken/terrible they need a full rebuild and won’t be able to build fast enough to take advantage of Ryan’s last years anyways. If the Falcons were smart they’d trade him draft capital, pick up an extra 2nd and 4th round pick in next months draft for Ryan’s services. ATL picks 4th meaning they can land who’s left between Trey Lance, Justin Fields or Mac Jones. I think it will be Fields and if ATLs new coach’s are smart they could build an extremely explosive offense around him similar to how AZ uses Murray though Fields is nowhere near as polished of a passer or overall as a QB in general as Kyler Murray is. If ATL can trade Ryan for a 2nd n a 4th those two picks would really help in ATLs rebuild if they can build up that defense fixing it and maybe even adding a true deep threat WR in the mid rounds with 4.3 speed and a pass catching dual threat power back as well in the mid to later rounds. ATL would be MUCH BETTER OFF long term if they just cut bait on Ryan now and rebuild, they could add a couple draft picks in doing so to. With pretty much every team in the NFC fielding a really good QB and a lot of the NFC fielding young elite caliber QBs under 26 with the majority of the NFC fielding above avg to elite NFL QBs who are age 32 or younger. The Falcons QB Matt Ryan having just barely turned or he will very soon be 36YRs old is now in the last few years of his NFL career. With the rest of the NFC (And NFL for that matter) all fielding young extremely explosive QBs w/ elite arms and Tsimshian have elite 4.3 or faster speed a la Kyler Murray. It would not only be monumentally cheaper to start a rookie QB but if you hit on that QB now you can build an expensive Super Bowl caliber team because you’re spending so little at QB. This would be the best thing for the Falcons and that’s the future of this division anyways with Brees retiring, Brady about to Ryan, Panthers about to draft a QB and Matt Ryan is in his mid 30s…. Time to move on !!!!

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