DeSean Jackson: I had other options, but I wanted to play in Sean McVay’s offense

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DeSean Jackson spent three years playing wide receiver in Washington, and Sean McVay was the offensive coordinator for all three of those seasons. Jackson led the NFL in yards per catch in two of those three seasons. So Jackson knows how well he can play in McVay’s offense.

That’s why, Jackson said, he decided last week to sign with the Rams in free agency.

“There were other options out there,” Jackson said. “I could have went to other teams, other places. But my focus was really reuniting with Sean McVay. Talking to McVay once I was a free agent and really kind of having those open conversations, talking about the possibilities, it was something that was intriguing for me. So, I think that outweighs everything.”

Jackson joins a Rams team that returns last year’s leading receivers in Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods. Matthew Stafford will have some good options, and Jackson thinks McVay can make it all work.

32 responses to “DeSean Jackson: I had other options, but I wanted to play in Sean McVay’s offense

  1. Well for the Ram’s sake he better do more than he has the past few years. Whether it was the injuries, his attitude or something else he has not done squat! I think by mid-season he will be hurt and sulking!

  2. DeSean, you cannot stay healthy. You’re good for 1-2 amazing deep bombs a game, but you even get hurt while achieving that. You get hurt on any legitimate hit. You get hurt while celebrating (I’m an Eagles fan, so I know). You, sir, are fragile. You have only played a full season 1 time, and that was in 2013. I honestly doubt there were multiple teams after you. You must swallow your ego and realize your best days were over 5 seasons ago.

  3. Blistering speed, nice hands, sharp route running, sounds great.

    But dude can’t stay healthy. It’s a shame coz he is fun to watch.

  4. Lets go Rams!! Really excited about this season. The Inglorious Staffords are going to go wild!

  5. If they can protect him, #9 can throw bombs with the best of them. Should be interesting if nothing else!

  6. Some people act like the Rams were a 14 win team on the cusp of greatness. In reality they’re a 10 win team without any 1st rounders and a QB with a history of winning nothing. Obviously one of the most over hyped teams of the last decade.

  7. They can’t truly believe that they were a Stafford away fro greatness can they? Jackson may not even make the team. Like others have said he will probably catch an injury before a td

  8. Eagles fan here. In the very little time he played for us it was apparent that he can still play, however, to say that he is fragile would be a huge understatement. His problem isn’t ability it’s availability, and thus it really doesn’t matter in whose offense he’s intended to play if he can’t stay on the field. Best of luck to you though, DeSean.

  9. DJax the paper tiger is probably only worth 1 or 2 games, 6-10 go routes before he’s on IR for the season w/ a pulled hammy.

  10. DeSean is done as a WR in the NFL. His body breaks down to easily now!! I doubt very much he had other suitors who were willing to pay what the Rams are paying him. Over/Under games played with Rams= 5 games

  11. None of the other teams were dumb enough to offer $4.5 mil to a guy who has averaged ~200 yards per season over the last 2 years.

  12. This was his best move. Will be his last team, and I predict Stafford will find him long for a few TD’s this year in McVay’s offense

  13. He wanted to come back home to LA. When he can see the playing field, Jackson is still and elite talent. But he only played 3 games the past 2 seasons.

  14. I was surprised to see that he is only 34 years old. Seems like he has been in the NFL forever!

  15. No you didnt and the past five years you’ve always been hurt and not a good player. Signed for a ton of cash too, Rams are desperate as can be. i see 7-9 in the future even with Stafford which i LOVE.

  16. It’s a shame, but Jackson’s mouth player a bigger part than is on field action do. He talks a better game than his he is now capable of playing. You have to stay healthy to be able to play a vital part in your team’s success. He didn’t in Tampa and again in Philly. The Rams are taking a chance that Jackson can stay healthy and be a contributor. I have my doubts.

  17. Still surprised people complaining Stafford has not won much. He had no defense. He would score 30 and defence will give 40. He has had no running back to threaten play action. He is better passer than Brady and Rodgers

  18. He literally injured himself last season doing an unnecessary TD flip. Bon voyage!

  19. When MeSean Jackson has played for your team and loses you at least a game a year doing jackass taunting at the goal line or refuses to block in the running game and other scumbag stuff (And NO, we should NOT forget his ridiculous antisemitism!), you don’t care what he says about anything because you know what he is. Great athlete, not someone you want your kids to look up to or who’s overall worth having on your team! Good luck with that, LA!

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