Adam Humphries: Ryan Fitzpatrick was a “big factor” in signing with Washington


Wide receiver Adam Humphries recently signed a one-year deal with Washington, reuniting him with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The pair spent the 2017 and 2018 seasons together with Tampa Bay. Humphries was one of the Fitzpatrick’s targets when he threw for 1,230 yards, 11 touchdowns, and four interceptions to open 2018.

“It’s hard not to have fun when you’re doing that,” Humphries said during his Monday press conference.

So as a free agent, playing with Fitzpatrick was appealing to Humphries.

“I think it was a big factor. Like I said before, my previous two years spent with Fitzpatrick were some of the most fun I’ve had playing football in my career. And I think Ryan would tell you the same thing,” Humphries said. “I think when he came to Tampa, I think he found another love for the game and he brought some excitement for myself as well. So the familiarity there between Ryan and myself, it definitely played a factor in my decision.”

It may have been a factor, but Fitzpatrick didn’t push too hard for Humphries to join him after the wideout spent a pair of seasons with Tennessee.

“We have a good relationship. I wouldn’t say there was a ton of recruiting, but there were a few plays that he sent me some clips of, and he was just like, ‘Hey, let’s run this back. Let’s do this again,’” Humphries said. “It’s fun being on the field with him because you’ve got to stay ready at all times, because he is fearless. We had a few chats, but no recruiting or anything like that.”

Still, Humphries is looking forward to playing alongside Fitzpatrick again given the quarterback’s calm demeanor and love for the game.

“Fitzy just makes coming to work every day fun,” Humphries said. “He brings a good attitude toward every situation and he’s still slinging it, so excited to link back up with him and have some fun.”