Brad Holmes: Last week’s trades don’t impact our draft approach

NFL: NOV 17 Cowboys at Lions
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The Lions have the seventh pick in this year’s draft and they watched as the look of the first six picks underwent some major changes last week.

General Manager Brad Holmes and the rest of the club watched as the 49ers traded with the Dolphins to get the No. 3 pick. The Dolphins moved back up to the No. 6 pick in a swap that sent the Eagles to No. 12 a short time later, but Holmes said all the maneuvering isn’t

“It doesn’t really change what our focus is and what our approach is and what our plan is,” Holmes said, via Chris Burke of

No one knows for certain what the teams in front of Detroit will be doing, but the 49ers trade opens the door to the possibility of an early run on quarterbacks that could extend through the fourth pick. That may leave someone at another position on the board a little longer than expected and the Lions would be in position to nab them or add assets by trading the pick to someone else.