Eagles loaded with picks in 2021 and 2022 NFL drafts

Philadelphia Eagles v Buffalo Bills
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The Eagles are coming off a rough season, but no team is better suited to reload in the draft of the next two years.

In the 2021 NFL draft, the Eagles have 11 picks, the most of any NFL team. They have at least one pick in every round, and thanks to trades and compensatory picks they have two third-round picks, three sixth-round picks and two seventh-round picks.

But they’re in even better shape in the 2022 NFL draft: In addition to having all their own picks, the Eagles just acquired the Dolphins’ 2022 first-round pick by trading down from No. 6 to No. 12 this year, and they’ll have either the Colts’ first-round pick or second-round pick, depending on conditions that rest on Carson Wentz‘s playing time and whether the Colts make the playoffs.

That puts the Eagles in great shape to surround Jalen Hurts with an influx of young talent in this year’s draft, and then decide next year either to keep building around Hurts or use those extra picks to get a new quarterback. Either way, while 2020 season was a disappointment and there’s no guarantee of a 2021 turnaround, the long-term future looks bright in Philadelphia.

19 responses to “Eagles loaded with picks in 2021 and 2022 NFL drafts

  1. Philadelphia fans: Trust the Process!
    Rest of sports world: Ugh here we go again.

  2. Their rebuild will take the next 3 years anyway, so they will need them.

    Roseman is clueless as he just proved. He was afraid to rebuild. lol

  3. They will draft 12 mediocre WRs and everyone will clamor for Howie Roseman to be fired.

  4. Eagles will need those draft picks and more as they sort through the disaster area that their roster has become. From the looks of things they’ll be seeing only the backsides of quite a few of their opponents during this upcoming campaign. Karma karma chameleon.

  5. The Eagles are also in the best position to trade for Deshaun Watson next year if the current drama extends well past the upcoming draft and into next season.
    If he ends up facing no criminal charges or severe league punishment, there is no team in better position in 2022 to acquire him and have minimal impact on their draft capital past that year. Plus it will be coupled with the knowledge of a full season of Jalen Hurts as the starter, that could be an added trade asset or reason not to make the deal at all and reap the benefit of those added 1st rounders.
    Roseman gets a lot of rightful grief from Eagles fans, but in this situation he’s done exceptionally well to structure the future of the team.

  6. The Eagles future only looks bright if you look at it through rose(man) colored glasses. The difficult part is not to accumulate the picks, but rather to make the proper draft selections. And judged by therecent drafts where Howie/Jeff have taken over, their success rate is rather dim.

  7. They could have a 100 picks. The problem is the person picking the players. Howie must be fired…

  8. Now Howie and Lurie just need to start listening to the scouts instead of getting cute on draft day.

  9. Howie will try (yet again) to show the world that he’s the smartest guy in the room by drafting some mediocre/obscure/damaged player two rounds ahead of where they should have been picked. As an added bonus, that pick won’t address ANY of our areas of need and likely create unnecessary controversy. I sometimes hate myself for being a fan of this team.

  10. In 2022 they will be in position to surround Hurts with talent…or move up to draft his replacement. BTW, if the surrounding talent is a factor for Hurts, then why was Wentz the problem?

  11. With Howie picking this is scary. It’s clear they are not sold on Hurts but will give him 2021 to prove himself. Could have 3 first rd picks in 2022 and could take a QB or build around Hurts…or maybe have the ammo to trade for Russell Wilson or DeShaun Watson (if he is not inn jail). So Howie could look like a genius like he did in 2017 or it backfires like it has ever since. Trading down in 2021 COULD still land us Pitts or possibly Smith or Waddle but knowing Howie he takes a projected 3rd rd player with that pick lol.

  12. Teams with good front offices like the Ravens will probably do better in these two drafts than the Eagles. You can have all the picks in the world, it doesn’t matter if the Howie Roseman/Jeffrey Lurie two-headed monster is making the selections.

  13. With Howie making the picks they will be luck to hit on half and probably ZERO pro-bowl caliber guys

  14. Yippee. Could’ve had our choice of elite players this year, now we’re below Dallas and the Giants. They can both take whoever they don’t want us to have. What’s the purpose of rebuilding and stockpiling these picks when the Giants and Cowboys are actually trying to win now and signing blue chip free agents?

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