Jermaine Wiggins: Patriots players wondered whether they could depend on Jimmy Garoppolo

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With Jimmy Garoppolo‘s days numbered in San Francisco, speculation regarding his eventual future has centered on the Patriots. Former NFL tight end (who played at one point for the Patriots) Jermaine Wiggins threw some water on that possibility on Monday morning.

“They used to look at Jimmy G. a little sideways, like he kind of a little bit Mister Glass . . . where they were like, ‘Can’t really depend on him. Can’t stay on the field,'” Wiggins said on WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show.

Wiggins declined to name names, but he said this about those who thought that: “Let’s just say they were between the lines.”

Garoppolo had a four-game audition in 2016 during Tom Brady‘s #Deflategate suspension, but Garoppolo was injured in the second game. Since 2018, he also has missed 23 of 48 regular-season games.

His availability surely contributed to the decision by 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan to move up for another quarterback, giving up (ultimately) three first-round picks and a third-round pick for one player, whoever it may be. Whether this means Garoppolo will be moved before or after the 2021 season remains to be seen.

Whenever it happens, it’s fair to wonder whether the Patriots will look to bring him back.

33 responses to “Jermaine Wiggins: Patriots players wondered whether they could depend on Jimmy Garoppolo

  1. I have no idea why any player would think that they couldn’t depend on JimmyG to be on the field.

  2. Wiggins left the Pats 12 years before Garoppolo got there, but sure, bet he was super connected on the insider scoop…

  3. Jermaine Wiggins…the voice of reason and the one we turn to in our complex world.

  4. Jimmy G is suddenly getting killed in the court of public (and now player) opinion. As a result, the 49ers will be very lucky to get back a 2nd round draft pick IF they decide to trade Jimmy this offseason. Clearly, Jimmy G will need to play very well to reestablish his trade value during the coming season. One problem — Can the 49ers trade a king’s ransom to move up to No. 3 in the NFL Draft, choose a top quarterback, AND sit him during the regular season behind disrespected, and very likely disgruntled, Jimmy G? That is NOT a pretty picture, sports fans.

  5. Hey, at least if they get Jimmy G they have a rock solid, injury averse backup quar….oh, wait.

  6. With his injury history and that contract they are going to have to cut their losses and move on from him because he has very little trade value.

  7. Game manager with once in a while great games, but to far and few to be considered top ten QB. Now that could be a direct effect of his lack of on the felid playing time. His lack of availability is often a huge problem….. and he is only getting older….

  8. 53 Super Bowls have been played. Not one of them has ever been won by a rookie quarterback. Not one. That means even if a quarterback is drafted number 1 overall, a team’s chance of winning Super Bowl 54 with a rookie QB is less than 1 in 53. Of course there is always a first time for everything, so it may happen sooner or later. The question is whether Frisco would take that chance by dumping Jimmy G. My prediction is that they will only get rid of Jimmy G if he stinks on the field. If he stinks then nobody would likely want to trade for him and his $25 million salary.

    That means New England has virtually no chance of getting Jimmy G. back. If he is good, then he is either staying in Frisco or he becomes a free agent and pick his own team. If he stinks, I doubt that Bill Belichick would want him. To be fair, a number of quarterbacks have won Super Bowls after being picked number 1 over. Terry Bradshaw, Jim Plunkett, Troy Aikman, Peyton Manning, and Eli Manning have all done it, but it typically took them a few years before they could do it. I do not think that Frisco is foolish enough to try to win a Super Bowl in 2021 with the number 3 pick in the draft. They are more likely to give Jimmy G. at least one more chance at winning a Super Bowl. If he fails, then they can part with him or give him his last chance in 2022. Cutting or trading him before the 2021 season begins in extremely unlikely.

  9. Wiggins will say anything to keep his name out there so that he can hold on to his D-level sports radio fringe status. Take this with a grain of salt.

  10. I call BS on his take.

    Garoppolo’s ONLY injury while with the Patriots was when Dolphins’ Kiko Alonso delivered a monster hit, that actually flipped the QB feet over and landed on his neck and shoulders.

    I seriously doubt any Patriots thought at that time he was mister glass because that was a crushing hit no player would escape injury-free.

  11. The Patriots aren’t interested in a trade for Jimmy G because SF said no dice with whatever was offered. The smart money says the Pats are just waiting for him to be released to scoop him up and lose no draft picks in the process.

  12. The Patriots have about $12 mil in cap space. Jimmy would carry a cap hit of $25 mil. Is there people out there that believe Bill would start pushing money forward after just escaping cap jail – for an oft injured QB?

  13. Terrible sour grapes from a very marginal player. Jimmi G is not made of glass and he’s been a very good QB. The End.

  14. I listen to Jermaine Wiggins, and think he’s ok. But in New England, it’s what Bill thinks, not the players. End of discussion.

  15. Wiggins is the same person who said that Coronavirus would be nothing and that the Pats should give Newton a 50 million dollar extension. Anything said by Wiggins should be ignored.

  16. It’s not like Jimmy G’s injuries have been questionable. ACL tear, AC strain in shoulder and a bad ankle sprain. He’s a good QB and certainly can get you where you want to go. Should’ve won a Superbowl. If available, he’ll find a spot easily.

  17. I don’t think jimmy G is more than slightly above average at best but he didn’t become injury prone until he was in SF

  18. Wiggie’s lost a step or two. Maybe more. Inside scoop on the Pats is not a speciality of his anymore. Trying to stay relevant is. But hey, even a clock is right twice a day, right Wiggie?

  19. “He didn’t become injury prone until he was in SF”.

    He didn’t play until he was traded to SF except for the first two games of Brady’s NFL Owner’s revenge suspension. He got hurt in the 2nd game and Brissett played the rest of the suspension.

  20. Wiggie is not wrong.

    Only Jimmy G can change that perception by playing a full season and making the playoffs.

  21. I remember when Amendola came to the Patriots, he had a rep for being injury prone. And at the beginning of his time with the Pats he did have some injuries. But then that all changed. He was fine and became a great receiver, responsible for some seriously clutch receptions.

    The lesson is that you can’t assume a guy will be injury-prone forever. My guess is that Jimmy has learned a few things about avoiding injury. If he becomes available, I won’t have a problem if Belichick decides to take him. If he won the QB battle in camp, McDaniels would scheme up the offense around his strengths.

  22. Nearly every time an ex-Patriot player is potentially available, we hear how that guy is going back to New England. Then we hear what a genius Belichick is, as if he willed it to happen. Most of the time, these guys don’t go back to New England. The genius is certainly wearing off of Belichick. He let a QB go that took another team to a Super Bowl. He’s blown three number one picks on guys like Isiah Wynn (played 18 of 48 games), Sony Michel (drafted ahead of Nick Chubb) and K’neal Harry (bad).

  23. Jimmy G has been insanely overrated. That SF super bowl run was lead by a beast running game and an insane defense. He barely threw the ball the 1st 2 games, and when he was finally asked to throw the ball in the super bowl, he failed. Miserably. 3-11 2ints a fumble and a terrible over throw to emmanuel sanders that wouldve won them the SUPER BOWL. Look at his numbers when asked to throw the ball 20+ yds. Bottom of the barrel numbers.

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