Kyle Van Noy on Brian Flores: I had no comment because I’m damned either way

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Immediately after learning he’d be released by the Dolphins, linebacker Kyle Van Noy said he was “surprised and disappointed” by the decision.

Van Noy noted that he played through injuries and that he felt he lived up to expectations as a leader in his only season playing for head coach Brian Flores. Van Noy and Flores had been together with the Patriots before both made their way to Miami, but Van Noy’s response to a question about Flores after he returned to New England suggested it was not a positive experience.

Van Noy said “no comment” to a question about playing for Flores as an assistant rather than as a head coach. During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Van Noy reiterated his surprise about the release and shared his reason for declining a comment about his former coach.

“Honestly, I’m just as shocked as you are about it,” Van Noy said, via WEEI. “I truly don’t know. And the no comment thing, it’s funny. I’m damned either way. I’m damned if I give him praise, I look disingenuous. I’m damned if I say negative things. I look like a salty you-know-what, and I just figured no comment was the best situation for that because now you can run it however you want.”

During the interview, Van Noy said he heard from every defensive coach and many players after his release while adding that he has “no hard feelings” about how things went down. That’s not quite how his other comments come across and Van Noy will have plenty of chances to prove the Dolphins wrong in 2021.

16 responses to “Kyle Van Noy on Brian Flores: I had no comment because I’m damned either way

  1. It’s only disingenuous to praise Flores if he didnt feel Flores warranted the praise which was the case.

  2. He’s disappointed and hurt and that’s how he feels. That’s fine. It’s a business. He was paid well last season and unfortunately the Dolphins didn’t think he was worth 12 million this season. Belicheat doesn’t think so either or he would have paid him more money. It’s time to move on.

  3. He simply got out played by someone that cost a whole lot less. You can’t put it any clearer then that.
    And if that is a hard pill to swallow then perhaps play up to the level of that huge contract.
    This is a results business, not a friends development program.

  4. He had the same stat line in Miami that he had in NE. That level of play in NE rewarded him with the contract in Miami. If anything, him being released is a statement about Miami handing out bad contracts more than his play. Miami realized their mistake and released him. Not much more to it than that.

  5. Colts_RULE says:
    March 29, 2021 at 8:32 am
    and he just keeeeeeeps onnnn talllkkkkkingggg

    He was being interviewed and they asked him a question about it…

  6. Players get cut all the time. There will be a time when the Patriots will cut him. He should know by now how the league works. Go silently into the night.

  7. cancerman2020

    LOGIC tells you that Belichick’s free agency splurge proved that the system that won 6 SB for Pats was Brady’s system.

  8. Van Noy was a good leader for Miami and played well. It was disappointing that he missed some time with injury. The bottom line is he got outplayed by younger guys who cost much less. At least the new Dolphins understand this and righted their wrong. It’s a business. I guarantee if the Patriots don’t do well this year many of their new and numerous Free Agent signings will be released. It is not a criticism of Belichik nor it should be of Flores. It is the system and like all things requires a strategy.

  9. Sounds like his feelings were hurt. Modern football players are softer than marshmallows.

  10. Getting trucked by Josh Allen is embarassing. Getting released is unbearable. It is what it looks exactly like it is.

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